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• 7/28/2018

Question I don't know how to title

Hello!! I'm not a 100% sure I got how this wiki functions. Can anyone add their own Danganronpa fanfiction/fangame/fancast? Or is it the admin's choice? Do you have particular requirements as to how let's say, wide the range of readers/players is has to be for the piece to be featured here? If there's an actual page explaining all of this, sorry, I couldn't find it! Please link me to it if possible. ♥
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• 12/8/2017

Danganronpa Roleplay

Play as a Fanon character or a Canon. For ex. Korekiyo is Canon And an OC is Fanon. Once 16 signups are up, we will start!
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• 10/16/2017

How do I create a story?

I really want to make a story but I don't know how
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• 10/7/2017


Hey so I see you have a discord channel from the previous discussions, just wondering what it is so I can come :P
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• 7/10/2017

My Concerns

How can I make my own game and characters also, how can I become an administrator?
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• 7/3/2017

Newbie's Questions

Heyo!I'm new here and I have a couple of questions about this wiki.It would be nice if you could answer them!

Question No.1:Is it okay if a fanfiction contains both Original Characters and fan-versions of Canon Characters?

Question No.2:It says no NSFW.Is this strictly a pornographic ban or does it include grotesque violence too?If it is strictly pornographic does it ban references or just out-right porn?

Question No.3:About the Mary-sue/Gary-stu thing is it alright if the character is *intentionally* generic on the surface?

Anyway,that's all.I'm excited to join this wiki and write my story "Danganronpa:Mercy's For The Weak"
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• 6/30/2017

Write fanfic

Hello, i'm a newcomer in here. So, i read the rules and a bit confused about one thing.

Can I write the story about V3 universe but with new different characters and stories? Also, how i can writing fanfic in here.

Just that. Thanks.
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• 5/4/2017

Confusion about the rules

Hello, I am new here. I was invited by my friend to join the community. I just have gone over with the rules so I have tons of questions. I have a lack of stupidity. I am sorry for annoying you all.

1. Can we use the same personality for our characters from the original Danganronpa characters?

2. Whether if the NSFW is detailed or not, we are still given a warning or a ban, right?

3. We are not allowed to make a fanfiction about your favorite Danganronpa ship, right?

Those are my questions so far.
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• 1/7/2017

About NDRV3 Spoilers

I hope no one spread NDRV3 spoilers here. One of the reason why I escape from the main wiki to the fanon one because I don't want to spoil myself and can stay editing my fanon story.

If you want to post/write/discuss something NDRV3 related, you should warn everyone that your post contain spoilers.
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• 1/7/2017

Wiki Promotion

Hey guys! I want to tell you that I'm soo tired of this wiki lately. It has very, very few editors lately that it stressed me out because I want to read a lot lot of DR fanfiction story!

Could you help me to promote this wiki to any Dangan Ronpa community such as facebook group or tumblr? Thanks!
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• 12/3/2016
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