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 Humans try to convince themselves everyday that they're unique and special. But, cut it out. You're only special when you actually try to break the mold, otherwise, you're scum.  

Bella about "mediocre" people
Bella - Symbol
Full name Manuely (real name)
Alias Bella #1
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birth date December, 4th
Zodiac Sagittarius
Height 198 cm (6' 4")
Weight 72kg (158 lbs)
B.M.I 18,4
Nationality Brazilian
Sexuality Bissexual
Title Ultimate Internet Sensation
Likes Clean skin
Dislikes Mediocre people
Social Group The Bellas (leader)
First Class
Killing Game
Status Alive
Debut Killing City Life
Created by Bubble-Blitz

Bella is a character in Killing City Life.

Bella has the title Ultimate Internet Sensation, she has grew famous out of her photos and internet posts and is known worldwide thanks to her looks and her polemic, controversial ideas and opinions. She is part of the 1st Class of Hope's Peak Academy: South America Branch.

Name and Development

Bella means, in multiple languages, "beautiful", this is to reflect her attractive appearance and vain personality. Manuely, her actual name, means "God's with us".

Bella was originally planned to be simply an outsider of the killing game, her appearance was as quick as a cameo on Chapter 2, but her role was expanded when Icarus and John, two original characters, were removed. She is especially written to be a powerful, glamorous girl that intimidates others simply with her bare presence, and her short, straight-to-the-point dialogue often help to settle this conception.

Since most of the characters take on a brazilian teenager stereotype, Bella is meant to resemble the "perfect girl" stereotype.


Early Life

Bella was born in semi-poverty in Rio de Janeiro, she had a father, mother and two older sisters, but her mother divorced and she quickly lost contact to her father, and at no point of her life she ever loved anyone from her family. Raised in not-so-good conditions, she was ungrateful and always thought about how much she deserved more than this miserable life she had. She completed middle school, but flunked down once.

At one point, in her childhood, she got herself trapped in a public bathroom and two old ladies tried to help her out and, according to herself, they only helped in making the situation worse and she only got out of it when her mother came.

Prior to the story, she meet Ian in an internet chat, and the two quickly grew to be extremely close friends, sharing identical nicknames on games they played together and bonding so much that their personalities almost became one. After that, in the course of time, she also meet #2 and #3 and formed the Bellas.

It's not known exactly how she came to be a internet sensation, and it's something that, according to her, just grew on her, and that she always had a kind of talent for that kind of thing.

Killing City Life


Bella is introduced along with Farlley at the Transmission Hub, she quickly admits her newfound hatred for Farlley and talks about how annoying he is to Ray, befriending her almost immediately, she leads the conversation and Bianca rapidly gets jealous of her conversation with Ray. After receiving her ID, she says she needs to solve some problems in the island and the girls leave her and Farlley.

She reunites with the class in the afternoon, noting how the class is small in number and starting a small feud between her and Milly. Later, after going back to the dorm, she speaks to Edney, criticizing his friendly behavior, talking about Kaleb suspiciousness and instantly leaving after having her relationship with Ian mentioned. During the night, she shares a friendship vow along with everyone else and shares pizza with them.

She agrees the most with the idea to invade the off-limit spa at night, and, like all of her classmates, she is knocked out by sleeping gas.


Bella is a extremely tall, slender, pale skinned girl with hip-height strawberry blonde hair decorated with a few braids at the sides of her head. She has pink eyes and long eyelashes, always seem with nude lipstick and wearing make-up.

In her casual outfit, she wears a black top, a blue plaided skirt, white shoes, black socks with a single white stripe on them and a necklace with a white jewel on it, her nails are long and cut into stiletto.


An enigmatic and self-minded individual, Bella prioritizes herself above everything: Be it her looks or attitude, she always think of herself as the absolute and very best. Her egoistical attitude doesn't come from pure high self-esteem, but simply from the fact that she has long accepted the fact life isn't that meaningful and she's just losing precious time by wondering about useless stupidities. Though not necessarily mean, she's far from being a kind person, her good deeds come purely from personal interests, and the closer she comes to general human empathy is shock (from deaths) and affection.

Unfazed by offenses, she's the kind of person who takes harsh revenge by retaliating double the worse on whoever harms her or those she cares for, and thanks to her lack of empathy, it's not much of a effort for her to humiliate and berate anyone. Conversely, she has a heart of gold when it comes to those whom she loves, to the point she never forget special dates and events about their lives; human relations are the only thing she values at the slightest and she doesn't appreciate actual sadism thanks to this.

Bella is gifted with a keen intellect, and although impatient to school's subjects, her analyst skills surpasses most, if not all, of her fellow classmates and she never makes a wrong assumption. Her statements are always precise and her arguments are well developed, and she shows talent in almost all areas of human artistry. She is specially defensive of minorities and different cultures, and she shows respect to them regardless of what she truly thinks about the subject and, in addiction, she's openly bisexual.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Internet Sensation

Flag of Brazil Sensação da Internet de Nível Super Estudantil, translated as Super Student Level Internet Sensation

Bella is famous on the internet, and her social media has hundreds of thousands of followers. She's the poster girl of numerous and diverse products and getting her into TV shows is considered guaranteed high ratings. It's commented very often that her presence gives of a queenly vibe, and that her gestures and facial expressions are of someone who is always ready to pose in a photo.

Keen Intellect

Bella is shown to be extremely smart: She manages her own career, who is very successful, without making much effort or getting stressed. Her intelligence often comes in handy during class trials, and she's always one of the most useful assets during it.

Manipulation Skills

She often manipulates people with her intelligence and looks, she's said to be irresistible even to girls.




Although not shown, she has a close relationship with Ian, as mentioned by Edney. Their only interaction by now is Ian reprimanding both her and Milly for fighting.


Bella and Milly both share a small rivalry ever since they meet, which they classmates regard as "generic girly rivalry". Both use any opportunity they have to tackle each other and most of their interactions are filled with teasing.


Bella has talked only once with Edney, quickly praising his work as a spy, but leaving him immediately after his relationship with Ian is mentioned. However, she has no problems with him at all, and neither do him, with both of them sharing a good classmate relationship.


  • She is 17 during both Killing City Life.
  • She is the tallest girl from Killing City Life and the third tallest character overall, only shorter than Mika and Thierry respectively.