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 A pool? Is there water on it?  

Bianca - Symbol
Full name Mayra Bianca
Alias Ultimate Idiot (by some boys)
ビアンカ (Katakana)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birth date October 7th
Zodiac Libra
Height 167 cm (5' 5.5")
Weight 62 kg (136 lbs)
B.M.I 22,2
Nationality Brazilian
Title Ultimate Personal Assistant
Likes K-Pop
Dislikes Cold shoulder
Social Group First Class
Killing Game
Status Alive
Debut Killing City Life
Created by Bubble-Blitz

Bianca is one of the participants of the Killing City Life.

Bianca has the title Ultimate Personal Assistant, and she worked for many successful idols managing their lives. She is part of the 1st Class of Hope's Peak Academy: South America Branch.

Bianca is one of the participants of the Killing City Life.

Name and Development

"Mayra" is a alternate version of "Myra", the name was created by the 17th-century poet Fulke Greville 1st Barone Brooke (1554–1628). He possibly based it on Latin myrra meaning "myrrh". Myrrh is a fragrant resin obtained from a tree.[1] "Bianca" is the Italian cognate of "Blanche", a medieval French nickname meaning "white, fair".

Bianca is one of the characters who changed the least generally from the first concepts of the killing game to the present, the only significant difference being her clothing preference. Bianca is often the comic relief, but her character is supposed to be taken seriously in numerous situations; this mix allows her for the perfect tritagonist and sidekick for the main characters.

Since most of the characters take on a brazilian teenager stereotype, Bianca is meant to resemble the "stupid princess" stereotype.


Early Life

Bianca was born somewhere in Brazil's northeast region, and while her friends were poor, she was spoiled rotten by her mother and stepfather to the point she barely knew how to do basic housekeeping. Her rotten child status has also led her to become rather dimwitted, which lead to a constant dose of bullying and teasing from her classmates.

She has joined her current classmates in middle school in 2014, and quickly befriended Ray. She has flunked down a year once and was impeded of taking her last middle school year with her original classmates, instead only starting to attend high school one year after all of them. However, they did keep her around for most of the time and considered her a classmate anyway.

It's not specified yet how she turned into a personal assistant, but it's hinted she has contacts with numerous Brazilian singers and actors.

Killing City Life


Bianca is the first character introduced: in the airport, she feels confused and lost about the island and instead decides to keep idle until something leads her to her way, until she gets a call from one of her clients and finally gets confident enough to walk around, this leads her to meet up with Ray. They are told to seek their classmates by their teacher Usami, something that greatly bothers both.

During the search, she is teased by Ian, that affirms her importance on the island and tells her she is valid enough to be there. She also meets up with Milly and Bella, arising her jealously towards Ray. A little bit of her personal assistant persona shows up when she is shown to care about Mika's training routine and diet in a rather knowledgeable way. When all the classmates do reunite, she stays in silence for the rest of the time around them.

Like all her classmates, she agrees with invading the spa and, much like everyone else, she is put to sleep by the sleeping gas.


Bianca is a curvaceous black girl with long, straight brown hair and a fringe parted in the middle. Her lips are large and she has brown eyes, she usually wears black glasses, but doesn't wear them for aesthetic purposes most of the time. She wears a white tank top with a mint green skirt, a black jacket and matching knee highs and boots.


Bianca is a rather friendly and kind girl with a very low self-esteem and short temper. She does has a rather aggressive personality when she says what she truly thinks, and often come of as rude, but mostly doesn't say anything at all in fear of retaliation, her main paranoia is humiliation.

Due to her low and fragile self-esteem, Bianca barely appreciates her talent and assume it's stupid and worthless compared to everyone else talents, however, she is really pleased when people compliment her efforts. She constantly doubt her friendship with others and constantly doubts if they really like her at all, and a running gag is for her to feel jealously towards the ones she consider close friends.

A defining trait about her is that she is extremely slow-witted and seem as dumb by everyone, this is obvious by situations such as when she asks if there's water in a pool. The only times this don't applies is when she is exerting her talent, as she smartly manages her clients lives for them to do their bests. However, thanks to her fearful personality, she often avoids saying things and spares herself from being seem as dumb.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Personal Assistant

Acting as a personal assistant to idols, she's able to manage her clients (mostly socialites) lives with such a proficiency that she is seems as one of the best paid personal assistants in the globe in a young age. This skills grew from sudden and her first client was her friend and classmate Ray, while she started to just give suggestions for her about her Youtuber life, this eventually grew to a profession. She's able to multitask and work for more than one client at once.



Class 1st


Bianca and Ray were good friends since middle school, with both of them cheering each other up in times of need. While she was generally tolerant of Bianca's flaws, Ray was sometimes annoyed by the girl's slowness, but tried to be polite when correcting her mistakes instead of taunting her. They maintain their close friendship and are mostly together the whole time they spend in the island.


Ian deeply loved and trusted Bianca, and she shared this feelings. However, this didn't save her from Ian's constant bullying, and the boy was always quick to laugh and joke about her slowness in a rather offensive and merciless way, and she was rather startled when he did so. Save from the feel times Ian did treat her in a positive way, he mostly uses her as a butt monkey to his bullying.

Bella and Milly

Though not specifically close to any of the girls, Bianca has a jealously because they're both nice to Ray, a feeling neither of the girls are aware of.



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