• Superbetamon

    There's this Youtube fanseries called "Almost Danganronpa" which is mostly a dumb parody of the first game but all the characters names and the way they act are different from the original games: 

    I was wondering if that could have it's own entry, the wiki says that this "is a wiki dedicated to the Danganronpa fanbase and their fan games, fan characters, and anything else included within the realm of "fanfiction" " And it's tecnically fanfic in the way that all the killings, victims and characters personalities are made up, but at the same time is closer to a parody than anything else, so I'm not sure.

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  • WolfieC

    That's right. I'm discontinuing Danganronpa: Time for Death.

    I have new Danganronpa ocs and a new story and stuff :/

    The old ones were too boring tbh

    Soooo stay tune for a new story :P

    Also yes im coming bacc 

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  • LusyInTheSky

    12th grade! Or, Year 12, as we call it in my country. At least this is the last one until university. Anyway, this will, of course, impact how fast the chapters for Unsere Sommerende (I might start calling it "UnSom" for short) come out. I'm kind of surprised at how quickly I was able to pump them out, honestly. Homework and study should help me balance out my time and not focus too hard on the story, hehe. But! New updates will nonetheless keep coming out, although at a slowed rate, of course. So, just a heads up!

    Hope you all enjoy the story!

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  • HanamiChaaan


    January 17, 2020 by HanamiChaaan

    I never got to properly introduce myself

    excuse my bad english

    I'm Jackii but you can call me Hanami or whatever lol

    Imma start a story so that's cool

    nice meeting you all

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  • Rikuya

    DR Sorter Result

    January 17, 2020 by Rikuya
    Soooo just for fun I tested the DR Character Sorter and this is my result xD.
    Show me your result too by taking the test here :3. There are a loooooot of options but this time I only tested DR/SDR2/V3 Characters onlyyy
    My result:
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  • XXRainbowsXx


    A dream come true for XXRainbowsXx as her stories prologue will come.... after the project leaves her sandbox. 


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  • DerpyDragoYY

    Help needed!

    November 16, 2019 by DerpyDragoYY

    I tried to rename my sandbox which I was ready to post, and it turned into a user profile!,_Building_Despair

    Could someone please help?

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  • Elal08

    Out now!

    September 23, 2019 by Elal08

    Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Harmony arc is posting!!! Here  

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  • Elal08

    My first project is coming in September 23th in AO3. In Danganronpa Fanfiction wiki is soon.

    Are you ready?

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  • WolfieC

    I'm still alive

    September 8, 2019 by WolfieC

    And still finishing remaking my Danganronpa story but I wanna make a few changes. I will be changing the following

    • Character Designs
    • Character Backgrounds
    • Character Bios
    • Basically a lot for the characters
    • ZHS's design
    • ZHS's classrooms
    • ZHS's dorms
    • And much more!

    I will be keeping the all the character's names, nationality's, gender's, and talents.

    So that's it. Also I'm back to school so... I might not be online much. Have a good day/night :3


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  • MrBrunoow

    Hello everyone

    September 1, 2019 by MrBrunoow

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  • Elal08

    I miss User:Mirai Moon so much!!!! 

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  • OoFlightmareoO

    ~Hello Everyone~

    August 10, 2019 by OoFlightmareoO

    As it says in the title, Hello Everyone! You guys can call me flightmare, or Flight for short, and I am a Danganronpa fan. I'll, of course, be writting some stories too along side y'all.

    ~See Ya 

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  • Elal08

    Theories About Me

    July 11, 2019 by Elal08

    I want to tell you the true story of Hope's Peak High School. There's so many theories about who is such a despair and where it this come from. Only one of those stories is true. My true story will be revealed to you the next end of month in a translated book. In this book you finally see how hope and despair came onto this world. „Danganronpa 3: The end of Hope's Peak High School - Harmony Arc". A translated book by me.

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  • Elal08

    Good news!!!

    July 4, 2019 by Elal08

    My project "Danganronpa 3: The end of Hope's Peak High School - Harmony Arc" is coming in the end of summer.

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  • ElloChildren

    Hello! Just your neighborhood gay here.

    I finished the prologue to Siblings of Despair. You can read it now, right here. Or here!

    Chapter One is in progress, but may take less or more time, honestly depending on how the end of my school year and beginning of my summer vacation turn out. And on the line of summer vacation, since school is ending, I'll have more time for my writing, so the story/sprites/wiki entries will ALL be completed faster.

    Little art pieces are in progress for my characters, and so far, almost HALF of the student's designs are done!! What  good news! But, I still have to do all the wiki entries on them, so those will be out sometime before the Chapter One of SOD is complete, and the wiki entries take a lot more work then …

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  • WolfieC

    Quick Update

    April 18, 2019 by WolfieC

    Eyyyyyy so. I'm not dead. I was just busy with school. No worries, I'm fine. 

    Danganronpa: Time for Death will continue as soon as I get chapter ideas and stuff. I'm also fixing up the story a little bit and it may change a little. I will be keeping the characters, their ultimates, the story's name and the school name. I may change the motives and the executions a little bit. But I'll be redoing the chapters the most, even the ones I uploaded already. 

    So, don't worry. The story will continue. Just give me some time to fix some things then I'll be back in business. I'm actually out of school for a week and a half because of Easter vacation so I might be able to do everything on time. But I'll be on vacation and I don't know when I'll be comi…

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  • Tiffany-chan123

    So....I'm gonna add the characters, and then make there pixel sprites and introduction cards....Then I'm gonna start making the story...Stay tuned!!

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  • Rikuya


    • Hurt & Heal is a voting game where you can either hurt or heal any character listed below.
    • This is the second Hurt & Heal game in this Wiki, with The one hosted by User:ArtDraw12 being its predecessor.
    • You can vote twice a day, once per 12 hours.
    • I only pick main characters from Dangan Ronpa 1, Super Dangan Ronpa 2, New Danganronpa V3, Dangan Ronpa 3, and Danganronpa Another Episode.
    • The default point for each character is 5, and the maximum point is 10.
    • Once a character's point reach 0, they will be eliminated from the game, ergo you can't cast your vote on them again.
    • HInata/Kamukura and Fukawa/Syo are counted as the same person, so don't try to vote for them separately!
    • This is the voting options. Any kind of different way of …

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  • Kosuke Ogami

    Hey Everyone. i am coming to say that my story has met its end. :'(  But i hope you all enjoyed the journey and please, comment as i do like hearing what people are saying about my work. I am glad that you all took this journey and hope to be ready with another at some point. Till then, Kosuke Out!

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  • Kosuke Ogami

    Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have released the prologue and first chapter of my story here after realizing Wattpad isn't the best place to put it, lol. but i hope you all enjoy, or feel its Despair. in other news, i hope to get some of the character pages up, but with my busy schedule, they might be put on hold. if you all have critiques for my story, either comment or message me. note that i can't always immediately respond but i will with time. A Deticated Message Wall Post will be for comments you want to ask me or just want to talk. See you around, Kosuke Out!

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  • Kosuke Ogami

    Hey everyone, i am here to announce the release of the first parts of my new story. The story is currently on Wattpad. The link is [http:// right here] i hope you all enjoy and all Comments and critiques are welcome. 

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  • OPZoroark

    Hello again. While, I'm pretty sure nobody actually reads the blog posts other than the admins, I decided to do something fun for the people who apparently enjoy reading the first story in my Despair Resurfaces series.

    As some of you have probably heard, I am writing at least one more story in the series titled Danganronpa: Exhibit B. While there's still a decent amount of time until I actually release this, since my focus is primarily on school and the first story, I already have the characters, setting, murders, executions(official and unused), and such planned out in advance.

    Now to explain the fun part. On my user page, I made a table of all sixteen Killing Game participants similar to the one I made for Serial Bonding. It lists their na…

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  • OPZoroark

    Celebratory Post

    March 2, 2018 by OPZoroark

    Today I completed something I never thought would happen; I made it onto the leaderboard for this wiki. Seeing as this is the first time I have ever made the leaderboard for anything, I would like to take a moment to share my gratitude for this unexpected moment. Thank you to the currently one fan(still a feat for me, as any of my works have lived in obscurity for the past however many years of creative expression) who has supported me for the past chapter or so of my series. I'm glad to finally have somewhere that others can enjoy my work! So thank you to everyone, despite the likely absence of those who even find this page. But even if no one finds this, I will still feel appreciated anyway. Have a nice day! :-)

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  • Meowelody

    Hey yo- so if nobody has entirely noticed, I've been working on a fangan page in my sandbox (here!) and I kind of. Don't really know who's sprite/icon to do next! So I decided to make a poll based on this very subject because, you know, public opinion is fun and all.

    Please vote for different ones for each poll! The first poll has priority over the second, meaning I'll do whichever character wins on that one first and then the one in the second poll. From there, I'll pick by myself.

    Thank you for your time!

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  • LukaKirigiri


    February 6, 2018 by LukaKirigiri

    ¡Hello everyone! Well, I've been in this wiki for a while now and been absent for a LONG time and just few weeks ago I came back. So anyways, it'd be great if the recurrent users of this wikia could start using the wikia chat, I bet we have lots to talk and debate seeing we're all part of the Danganronpa Fanon. Anways, I'd love to create bonds with y'all and I hope someone reads this cause if not Imma die. 

    Also, if we start using the chat, we can help eachother with our fanfics, with our OCs and give our feedback on other stuff, and maybe recommend ourselves videogames or animes, and just make friends! It'd be really great for the wikia if the contributors got to know eachother and be friends, I hope y'all like the idea and start using the…

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  • OPZoroark


    February 5, 2018 by OPZoroark

    (SPOILERS for the anime/light novel Durarara!!)

    So, I'm currently a dozen or so episodes into Durarara!! & I wondered what the various characters' talents would be in Danganronpa. Several of them, despite seeming like ordinary faces in the crowd at first glance, have incredible skills that could probably be considered Ultimate talents in the Danganronpa-verse. For the sake of fun, I'm just gonna rattle off a few of them. If anyone else has ideas that I didn't hink of, feel free to comment underneath.

    • Mikado Ryugamine - The Ultimate Gang Leader
    • Masaomi Kida - The Ultimate Casanova
    • Anri Sonohara - The Ultimate Slasher
    • Izaya Orihara - The Ultimate Manipulator
    • Shizuo Heiwajima - The Ultimate Bodyguard
    • Celty Sturluson - The Ultimate Urban Legend
    • Shinra…
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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    I gave a flashy design a random talent and a name. His backstory was created during the trial’s writing.

    • The first trial
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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    Welcome to my first sendoff blog: Chinatsu Abe.

    From the very start, I knew I wanted a fake protagonist. It was actually really easy coming up with Chinatsu. I gave her a rather average school uniform, to stand out in a crowd of very odd-looking characters like Hiroshi, Akari, Yōko, and Keiichi. I made her a tad similar to Kaede, clothing wise.

    • Her interactions with Rei
    • The fight scene
    • Her first person POV death
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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Hello everyone! So, I guess I'm going to jump on this bandwagon like my friend Riku. I'm interested in seeing how you all think my story will go down.

    If any of you have any speculation as to who will kill who, who the mastermind could be, who will survive, and any other mysteries you all know of.

    Also, for those of you who haven't read Chapter 1 yet, or at least know who dies in that chapter, go check it out! If you have, don't spoil it please.

    Anyway, I look forward to your speculation! If you have any.

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  • Spongebob lover 14

    Danganronpa 4 is about 16 students and goes along with 6 class trials like always. The students go to a new academy called "New Dreams Academy" and as always Monokuma appears but this time with his wife Monoary and tells the poor students to go against each other.

    ???:Huh? Oh... Guess I passed out but where am I is this a classroom? Anyway... I'm Nozomi Kobaysahi the Ultimate Lucky Student. When I walked down the hallway I noticed to see a gym. I swept my long auburn hair behind me and my blue eyes walked torwards the gym. I saw 15 other students about my age in the gym as well

    First a man with blond hair and gray eyes introduced himself as Yoshino Okura the Ultimate Engineer

    Then a very tall man with dark brown hair and a little scary lookin…

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  • ArtDraw12

    DR Characters Hurt & Heal

    September 17, 2017 by ArtDraw12

    Hi. After a trend of Hurt & Heal games on certain wiki, I decided to start a Hurt & Heal game to determine who's the most and the least popular DR character around here.


    • No sockpuppets.
    • You can vote twice per day, once per 12 hours.
    • Everyone starts with 5 points. Reset of the points count may be introduced at some point in the game to make eliminating characters go faster.
    • You can Hurt and Heal one character in your votes. Alternatively, you can double hurt (the same character or two different characters). In other words your vote can be as follows:
      • Heal X, Hurt Y
      • Hurt X, Hurt Y
      • Double Hurt X
        • UPDATE: To make things go faster, healing-only votes aren't allowed anymore.
    • Max health is 10 points.
    • Characters will be eliminated immediately after reach…

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  • RenChronomio

    My Ultimate ???

    September 7, 2017 by RenChronomio

    As you know my character Rantarou Yamada is a very crucial character in my story but my problem is... What his ending would be? Is it safe to say his dead inside Center Academy? or will he make an appearance in a secret chapter or a new survivor in a new story I don't know.

    I am still currently working on him along with the rest of the students. Mostly Kikuri Nagisa and also Matsuri Yorukobi.

    What do you think I should to make him a bit great in the ending? I really need help from others perspectives.

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  • AlexAnimations0421

    Recommend 2 characters for me to choose from, I'll give reasons why I'll kill one or let one live.

    And also,

    Well first off, Sato is a pretty tough girly-girl. She killed Fuyuhikos sister AND Mahiru, still managing to cover it up! But maybe I could get Fuyuhiko or Peko on my team! Then she'd be outnumbered! But on the other hand, Nakajima is a Hitlist on the Warriors Of Hope! So I have to decide:Should I have Fuyuhiko or ALL the Warriors Of Hope as my friends? Tell ya what, Its better to have a group of friends than one friend. Though it would be pretty cool to have a gangster as a friend, I could rock up with MASARU!!! H**l yeah!

    R.I.P. Nakajima

    Oh dear god, the two idiots.I could kill Ruruka, but then Seiko would come and shove drugs up my m…

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.
    Hiroshi: Hiroshi is Hiroshi Aozora, nya! Huh? What's Hiroshi's talent? Hiroshi is the Ultimate Mangaka, nya! Hiroshi draws and writes a popular manga, nya! Hiroshi is the deuteragonist, so you'll be seeing Hiroshi a lot, nya! Hiroshi is often called annoying by those who don't like his manga, but Hiroshi hopes we can get along anyway, nya! Sayonara, nya!

    Maemi: Hmph. I'm Maemi Kikuchi. I'm known as the Ultimate Broker. In short, I make money by buying and re-selling things through the black market. Weapons, fake identities, you name it, I sell it. Why do I turn to illegal activity? It's exciting. Don't worry about me, though. I've put many officers out of commission with my special weapon, a bat modified with nails and tacks. I'm the tritag…

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    Kihihihihihi~! So, I've been secretly planning a huge reveal for today, since we're now half-way through Danganronpa Infinity. And that is...

    Chinatsu: Nice to meet you! I'm Chinatsu Abe, the Ultimate Philanthropist. I'm the main protagonist of Fresh Danganronpa Infinity 2: Tainted With Despair. Have you been following Tomoe-senpai's adventures? If you're enjoying his story, then I'm certain that you'll enjoy mine. Well, that's all. I hope you'll support me and my nineteen classmates when our tenure begins!

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.


    July 23, 2017 by Lethargic Yuki Co.

    Shōko: It seems as though a mysterious picture as appeared...

    Mireille: Wow! So mysterious!

    Subaru: I think that's the point...

    Raven: I-It's a little frightening...


    Rosa: Even though I am dead at the time of this blog's posting, I shall speak.

    Luciano: If it's important enough to bring us back from the dead, then it must be super important!

    Atsushi: I'm glad that you guys are back, even if just for a little bit.

    Esther: I'd rather be dead than with you satanists...

    Sumire: This picture is quite interesting... if not intriguing...

    Kazuki: I'm sure the answer to this mystery is something stupid...


    Saeko: There are no horses in the afterlife...

    Minori: Even wit …

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    This is a case of the title (mostly) says it all. XD

    I wanna go with a rainy day scenario, with characters who just have some of the darker backstories. Rainy days and dark backstories go well together. XD

    As for amount of people: 3-4

    And who'll I'll be using: Yuki (he has kind of a sad past and is easy to write :P)

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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Alright, so after getting into the Danganronpa series and seeing this colorful collection of (some) amazing characters, I've decided to do the only logical thing which tooooootally hasn't been done one million times before and rank them all. So here we go.

    16: Hifumi Yamada

    Biiiiiiig surprise here, right? Everyone hates Yamada. Honestly, there's not much to really say about this guy that hasn't already been said. He's annoying and useless, he gets tricked too easily by Celest, he's gross and creepy toward Alter Ego, and he reminds us all of that weird weeaboo kid we all knew from middle school. Honestly, he had some kind of funny lines of dialogue, and I think he makes a great satire character for all the weeaboos out there, it's just... I…

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  • Rikuya

    Hello guys! This is your admin, Riku. So as you guys know, I'm the writer of Dangan Ronpa: The Creator of World and Destroyer of Despair which will be published by me sometimes in this year (be happy!)

    Before that time comes, I want to listen to your guys speculation about who kills who, the mastermind, who will survive, and other Dangan Ronpa stuff! Also, tell me your favorite and least fav characters of my story so far~!

    I'll be happy if you guys comment down below~ I might change the story based on your guys speculation~ Maybe.... Upupupu~

    Image Survive? Die? Killer? Victim? Distrust? Mastermind? Favorite Least Fav
    III II

    III I I I I

    II I
    I III

    I III

    I I II II

    I I I II

    I II

    Image Survive? Die? Killer? Victim?…

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    ~Danganronpa: The Hopeless Despair (UNFINISHED)

    ~Danganronpa:  Tears' Blood (COMING SOON)

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  • Rikuya

    Role Playing Stuff

    January 20, 2017 by Rikuya

    Hello guys! Admin Rikuya here. So today I'm gonna tell you about something very interesting to fill this site with more hope and love~!

    I know that most of you guys want to make this wiki even crowder than before!! Besides promoting, why don't we actively edit here~? One of the easiest way to light up the site is to role playing with each other!

    Do you know what role play is? Of course you already know, I don't have to tell you, yes?

    While you wait for my story to be finished, we could role play together using our characters! You can do a role play AU and have fun with fellow editors here.

    For example, if you want to roleplay with one of my character (Sasahara Naoki), you can contact me on my user talk, discuss about the plot, and finally we c…

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