Center Academy is the high school where the characters of Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals where all teenagers are either arrested or put their to fix their behavior. It is Located inside an Artificial Mountain located near Hope's Peak Academy inside a huge forest.


Center Academy is a secret, exclusive school where Hope's Peak Academy enlisted those who has an unstable behavior. The school also capture the Remnants of Despair in order to fix their behavior as well.

The building is divided in four section: The Student Laboratories, The Grand Dormitory, School Supply Center and finally the The High School itself for its gifted criminals.

High School Life

The school's first priority was to rescue, save and help the gifted students that have either gone insane or mentally unstable. The place treats the students like their are actual students is an everyday High School Life. Though the location is hidden, the students will later have a test to see if they're behavior has been fixed.

The Center Academy

Like it said, Center Academy was suppose to be a Detention Center or a Prison for those Gifted Criminals. But it was soon change to help the students. The students however, those who we're put their will have no prior memory for why they we're their but as time progresses, they will remember and they will soon be tested to see if their behavior has been fixed.

Student Laboratories

The Laboratories inside the school helps students enhance their talents. You can say it can also be some sort of club for all students to enjoy their hobbies/talents with other students that has a relation to the other students talents.

Grand Dormitory

The Grand Dormitory is a resting place for students. The idea of this Dormitory is for students to try to live in luxury and to have fun. Inside it has each of the Students Rooms, A Gaming Corner, A Food Court, and also a Huge room for any Party like preparations for themselves.

Supply Center

As the name implies, The Supply Center is a one huge street full of small buildings that contains different supplies for different talented students. This place can help them get their desire item they needed in school and also for their own satisfaction.

Current Students in the School *SPOILER CONTENT*

Name Title Status
Kazuko Kanade Super High School Level Musician Deceased
Rantarou Yamada Super High School Level ??? ???
Miaya Kikai Super High School Level Engineer Deceased
Yukio Nagamasa Super High School Level Leader Alive
Oz Super High School Level Artificial Intelligent Inactive
Takeshi Yakuzaka Super High School Level Brawler Alive
Yukinoko Heishi Super High School Level Cadet Deceased
Kikuri Nagisa Super High School Level Matchmaker Deceased
Kurosaki Yanagiya Super High School Level Herbalist Deceased
Aria Minegishi Super High School Level Animal Tamer Deceased
Shinnosuke Shouyou Super High School Level Butler Alive
Xandu Audette Super High School Level Teacher Deceaced
Keisuke Mcklein Super High School Level Ninja Alive
Itsuki Kowareta Super High School Level Occult Leader Deceased
Himeno Jundo Super High School Level Advertiser Alive
Matsuri Yorukobi Super High School Level Events Manager Deceased


  • Center Academy has the name "Center" as it was suppose to be a Detention Center for students who done something bad in school and has to take disciplinary actions.
  • Kazuko was actually a "Warden" meaning she's not actually part of Class 90th.
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