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The Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Insignia Character Introduction serves as the author of the story's self-plot before he officially released the story sometimes in the future.

The author hoped that by reading this self-plot, everyone could get to know more about the characters.


Look at Us, Awkwardly Introducing Ourselves




“I th99ink i08104t’s n01ot wor002qk21ing?”

As I look up to the screen on the monitor, I was despaired. I’m sorry, but yeah, I feel so despaired after I wasted my precious half an hour just to make sure that this dumb monitor doesn’t suck on its job.

“However, I must not give up!!!” Is the most appropriate word that I must say on this kind of situation... After all, this is the character introduction that you guys’ve been longed for a long time, am I correct?”

With that being said, I tried to smack the monitor one more time; harder than my previous efforts.

“Test. Hello? Can you hear me...?”

Bless the Almighty God, the monitor’s working perfectly now. Strange enough; According to my analysist, this guy can’t be operated ever again... I’m happy that I’m wrong for now at least since I can use and show my shameless introduction speech to you guys... I bend my tie, buttoned my lovely red vest, and prepared myself.

The first thing that I must do in introduction for the first time is... telling you guys my name, yeah?

“H-hello... I'm Sasahara Naoki, the so-called Super High School Level Attorney... Be aware, I may become an annoyance to you, since I’m everyone’s hated-protagonist.... Welcome to my wonderful story...”

Said that pathetic looking guy shown on the monitor. Oh look, his cool gelled hair fell down again and again.

Phew... That was unexpectedly tough...” I can feel that sweat running through my hair and clothes and my energy to live slowly fading away. Just because of this short and somehow dramatic introduction. I slam my face down to my desk inside my classroom, seated myself after I shamelessly trying to act cool in front of everyone. I swear to God that I won't act cool ever again. It's disastrous.

It seems someone try to make me go into murder rampage as I hear the sound of clapping hands in front of the classroom. “You've done a great job, Sasahara-kun!” Stop praising me, I don’t deserve that and it makes me cringe. When I cringed, I have an urge to slam my face down to a desk like at this moment.

Itoku... I'm not doing anything that praise-worthy, stop treat me so highly, okay?” The smiling cheerful girl earlier was Itoku, one of my classmates.

Itoku calmly walks in front of my desk and patted my hair slowly; she always treats me like his pet cat, huh? “It's alright. I know that introducing yourself to many people is not like you at all. Because you want to make our audience happy, you force yourself to do that, yes?” She smiled at me and continue to pat my head; which is somehow feel very relaxing.

If you know me so well, why you praised me? It's embarrass—” Itoku's hands move from my head to my right cheeks and—“Ouch!! That hurts!” Yeah, she acts like a perfect big sister. Once she acted nice towards you, she could become a monster that would destroy you in the next second.

“Alright, I understand Sasahara-kun. I will treat you someting to eat after this ends.” A heavy sigh let out from my mouth as I caress my pitiful right cheek. “Fine, why don't you introduce yourself to the audience, it’s your turn, no?” After listening to me, Itoku nodded and set herself right in front of the camera in front of the class.

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are doing okay. My name is Itoku Akiba, the Super High School Level Counselor of Heavenly Born Academy. I’m always available anytime, anywhere. So don’t hesitate to ask me for a help! It’s my pleasure to support everyone; because to protect everyone’s smile is a duty of a counselor.

Without stopping to smile in front of the camera, Itoku delivers her normal, yet polite and formal introduction to everyone. She closed her introduction with a deep bow before stepping down and seat in her desk right in front of mine.

It's almost time...” I weakly said as I check my watch. The trouble that can be only ceased by our captain is almost come according to my analysis.

“FUCK YOU! LET GO OFF ME OR I’LL KILL YOU RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.” Uhm, that's the noise that I heard coming from the corridor. Suddenly, the classroom’s door opened, revealing a guy who stands up to 180 cm, bringing a little lady on his shoulder.

“I'm sorry that I come late everyone, I had to calm this monster down.” He calmly lay down the small lady to the floor who angrily hits his chest over and over with her small palm.

“I don't want to introduce myself to anyone ever again! I won’t let myself known by the face of public! Why don’t you understand?! And I thought you’re a good leader for all of us!!!” Me and Itoku desperately wanted to stop the small girl from hitting our captain, but through a glance, our captain won’t let me involved.

His strong arms allowed himself to overpower the lady’s small palm, is able to stop her from hitting him. “Listen to me. This is what everyone wanted from our dear author. You should’ve known that our time to shine is almost come. Our author never wanted to bring harm to us. He promised to us that he’ll do his best to make everyone comfortable. He needs to get ourselves make a good introduction for now, that’s all. We’ll let you go after this, we promise.”

Wow captain. With that speech you're able to silence the angered little lady pretty quick. From what I can see from my desk, the little lady frowned and looked down to the floor after her hands broke free from our captain’s grip.

“...I'll make this quick then.” Unknowingly to her, three of us developed a little smile. It’s quite unusual that she wanted to be opened to everyone like at this time. “Let me join you then.” Our captain and the little lady stand in front of the camera and they began their introduction.

Yo! This is the Super High School Level Snowboarder, also the leader of Heavenly Born Academy’s Class 85th a.k.a, Yasujima Fubuki! Yoroshiku!” Our captain, Yasujima, smiles as bright as the morning’s sunshine who managed to warm everyone’s heart. He gives a very clear different vibe from the little lady standing beside her.

....Kagayaku Suzume...a Super High School Level student just like the idiot who has the dorkiest face among all humans here...” You guys remember that she wanted to make her introduction quick?... Well, at least she didn't lie about that.

Kagayaku immediately left the classroom and slammed the door behind her. I can hear her footsteps slowly fading away as she ran fast, intending to escape from Yasujima.

Hey, is it alright to let her escape?” I asked as I check the already empty corridor. “As Yasujima-kun said, we allowed her to do whatever she wants. A person like Kagayaku-chan badly needs empty space alone.” Itoku adds and strangely taking notes, probably writing her quick “Facial Expression” analysist on both Kagayaku and Yasujima. Yeah, I can see why he take notes on Yasujima as well. He looks very upset and somehow tired.

Ah, I'm sorry that she left. That's what makes Kagayaku, Kagayaku. She's our beloved Super High School Level Illustrator. Please don’t judge her by its cover, alrighty? She is the one who created wonderful illustrations in your guys' favorite novels and movies! Amazing right? That's all from us guys; Sasahara, Itoku, please procceed.

Yasujima told us that he would approach Kagayaku once again and left the classroom with his usual warming smiles.

Itoku, obediently nodded and do what our class captain told to us. Both of us steps in front of the classroom once again.

So, what do you think about us? Wonderful, right~?! We have a generally good attorney, a caring class leader, and a wonderful illustrator in our class!” Yeah right. Our class is *that* great. Well, it’s Itoku's job to enlighten the mood after Kagayaku's quick and half-hearted introduction.

Not only that, we still have twelve more wonderful classmates who wanted to give you guys introduction... I hope you guys be patience...


We closed the first section of introduction in a good way, right?

I hope we did.

If You Want to Die, Please Don't Invite Us

“Hmhmhm...~” On a nice afternoon, in Heavenly Born Dormitory, a girl with pink hair was preparing something fun and challenging, two things that whay make her, her, until now. She was about to use her shoes and brought her beloved cam recorder with her.

“Uhm...test, hello? Oh! It’s already on!!! Howdy!!” Because of her dorm room being soundproof, she shouts to her own camera loudly as she likes and let out her usual cheerful smile, never forget to speak Japanese with her American accent. She placed her camera on the table and aims it at herself who will live to beat today’s upcoming adventure.

Do you know my name? Have you heard about it? If you have a hobby that give you near-death experiences or scientific research, you mustve known me! Because I, Igarashi Ranko, is a scientist who seeks for thrilling and exciting adventure! I’m also known as the Super High School Level Storm Chaser! Yo-ro-shi-ku!

Aaanddd introduction done! It’s time to meet with my classmates! Hmh... I wonder what adventure that I will face today with them... Oh dear Earth, could you please erase gravity for just a day to grant all human who wish to fly high in the sky?

The girl took her camera, her room key, and exited her dorm. Here it is guys, your favorite Heavenly Born Girls Dormitory. “Haha!! Welcome to the girls dormitory! Watch out for unexpected screams coming out from toilets, dumped barbies scattered on the floor, and another girl things that may annoy you!” Said Igarashi to the camera, before she run accross rooms over rooms and finally reached one of her classmates room.

Oh, she is not here? Pfft—how could I forget! It's Sunday after all, she might be visiting her most favorite place on this island!” Since the girl that she searched is not in her room, Igarashi bid her farewell to the girls dormitory and visited her next destination.

Guys, I’ve a good news to you who is curious why I’m so high-spirited today! Guess what, Mister altocumulus is so kind to me that he covers the sky; added by the blows from the youthful wind to Divine Reborn Island! Nostradamus would be angry if his weather prediction today is wrong after all, so the La Niño wind must blow today! What if the wind doesn’t obey and La Niña wind that blow today instead, would be that soooo awesome?!?! Haha, science joke!!!” She said happily, totally unaware that none of the audience thought that her science joke is funny at all.

To reach the boys dormitory, Igarashi needed to walk across a tall indoor bridge that connected both dormitories. As she arrived in front of the boys dormitory building, Igarashi happily continues with her rambling towards the audience trough her camera.

It’s the day where I and my other three classmates introduce ourselves to you guys! Awesome, yeah?

In the lazy Sunday morning, not many boys comes out from their rooms. Most of them are still sleeping, unlike one guy that Igarashi knew for a quite long time. “Knock! Knock! Igarashi’s coming! Open the door please!

Not patient enough to wait for the guy to open his room, Igarashi jumped over and over, telling this to the audience “You will like this guy if you’re muscle and bara fangirls... Uhm, is that the right words to refer guys who has a very good abs in Japanese...?” While still wondering, tadaaa, here he comes.

“Igarashi...? You come so early, did something happen?” Boom!! Igarashi immediately zooms her camera to those beautiful pecs and abs of the guys. He just finished showering apparently, judging from how wet his hair and six pack were. “ABSSSS!!!!! WUOOHHHH!” The guy raised his eyebrows and didn’t understand why Igarashi is so excited in taking videos of his bare wet abs in the morning.

Did you know that you’re naked?! Did’cha, did’cha, did’cha?! Because I’ve showed it to the audience! Oh all of the fangirls would be sooo dang happy!” As Igarashi taking shots of the boys, he looked so confused until he just noticed that he weared noting except his long pants and towel on his shoulder. “Haha, it looks like I just notice. I’ll get myself a clothes to wear, it shouldn’t be long.”

Yippie! Are you girls happy? I hope you are! Shouted Igarashi in her mind, she giggled and imagine how happy the fangirls among the audience are. This friend of her is absolutely one of the most attractive boys who has many fangirls around the academy in her class.

“Yo.” The boy came out from his room, wearing his usual outfit that doesn’t match with his Super High School Level talent at all. “Say hi to the camera! You remember what we should do today, right?!” Igarashi, with her camera stood five feet away from the boy, aiming her camera at him.

Listening to Igarashi’s word, the boy smirked, adjusting his tie and hat. “Of course I remember. This is the day where I should totally look cool and charming, isn’t it?” The pinkette smiled and nodded, giving him a thumbs up as he can start his introduction now.

Though I’m not look like it, I’m the Super High School Level Karate Master, Tenohira Tsuyoshi. Don’t mind to tag along with me anytime, I like to interact with new people.” Tenohira grandiosely ended his introduction with a seductive wink that could melt all normal girls heart, except for Igarashi who doesn't understand romance at all.

Good job!” Said Igarashi in fluent English, approaching Tenohira and gives him a light tap on his shoulder. “Though you should notice that your prince charming attitude might kill all of your fangirls!” Tenohira laughs at the pinkette’s comment, carefreely created and directing a “v” sign with his fingers to the camera. “Haha, that’d be bad. People are dying so easily nowadays. Then I guess I’ll put an end to that act to preserve more life.

Tenohira-kun, just by looking at you I feel pity towards normies who hated themselves for being ugly. Ah! But some there are some people who doesn’t look very good, but still famous! Scientist, especially the mad one often has a scary-looking face, but their works are lovely!” Tenohira looked curious and was about to ask which “mad” scientist that matched with Igarashi’s description, until suddenly someone bumped his back, dramatically fall behind after hitting Tenohira’s sturdy body.

“O-ouch... It hurts....” Tenohira turned his back after he felt that something bumped into him while Igarashi aiming her camera towards the falling person. “Oi, are you okay?” The Super High School Level Karate Master squated beside him. Through a single glance at the boy, he was able to recognize him.

Kid...? What are you doing this early? I thought you were still sleeping.” The fallen boy was revealed as Kid, one of Igarashi's beloved classmates. “Yeah! You’re right! Kid-kun, you should go to sleep now. It's not good for your health to be awaken at this time, judging from your hobby to sleep very late!” Igarashi commented, still aiming her camera towards Kid.

Huh...? Tsuyoi-kun...? Arashi-chan...?” Kid took Tenohira’s hands and stand up, blinking at his two classmates, curious. “Perfect timing! Let’s do an introduction section with you, Kid-kun! C’mon, say somethin'!” The pinkette excitedly aims her camera at Kid who suddenly gripped both of Tenohira and Igarashi’s hands. Without any warning, Kid took Tenohira and Igarashi to run with him from the boys dormitory.

Wh-what's happening?!” Didn't want her camera to be loosen from her hands, Igarashi tried her best to keep up with Kid’s steps. “Save the introduction for later, Arashi-chan! Our priority now is to run from the angry crowds!!!

Just after they escaped from the boys dormitory, the three of them could hear screams echoed trough the dormitory “KIIIIIIDDDD KRUEEEEEEGGGGGGGEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!” Igarashi and Tenohira could felt their feet’s flew away one inch from the Earth upon listening to those frigthening screams, brutally echoing through the dormitory. “Oy... You are not doing that again, aren't you?” A drop of sweat running down from Tenohira’s sweats, telling that something bad had happened. Yet, Kid only smiles playfully.

“Oy, Konoyarou! Return my precious pendant!” “Fucking hell. That’s my first time received a love letter! Give it back!” “I will hunt you down to hell if it’s necessary to get back my lego collection from you!” All of those screams, it’s terrifying and each people are filled with murder intends. Tenohira kept running while holding Igarashi’s hands who is trying to record the heart-throbbing chase.

Oh my God guys!! The plot is thicking as we now helped the criminal Kid who apparently snatching all of the mobster students’ precious belongings! What could happen after this?!?!?!” Not gonna lie, Igarashi strangely enjoyed this chase more than she should be. Tenohira who is a pacifist trying to think about how to calm down the angered crowds while trying to concentrate on his step.

Arashi-chan, now it’s the time for me to shine!” Kid suddenly stopped running, prompting Igarashi to follow his action. “What are you going to do? Don’t tell me that you want to surrender to them. It’s not like you at all, Kid... but I’ll support you to the fullest if you do. Use me as a shield.” Tenohira who is super protective to his friend stands in front of Kid, intending to block attacks that may be delivered to Kid after this.

Hehe... Don’t you worry Tsuyoi-kun. I know that you're very tsuyoi, but let me solve my own problem! Just give me a chance one time in eternity.” The Super High School Level Collector, with all of his pride, stand against the crowd who hated him so much. Igarashi has already prepared to record this dramatical introduction section.

Hold your ground, you lowly peasant. As I, Kid Krueger, the Super High School Level Collector vowed will never do any single crime marked from today, and I, myself, will bear the burden for being a criminal after all these years.” The youthful winds breeze through Kid and his surroundings, creating a dramatic scene where his black cape dramatically floating in the air. The crowd's protest managed to be utterly silenced by Kid's statement, who is also used by him as an introduction section to the audience through Igarashi's recorder.

“Huh? After all of this you finally say that things? Pathetic.” “Yeah, if you want our forgiveness, return back our precious belongings!” “Not only that, as return for thieving our belongings for years, the most fitting punishment for you is public humiliation!” “If that’s not enough, cut his hands! Behead him if it is necessary!”

The crowds, standing far from them loudly scream for justice, to punish the criminal Kid Krueger severely. Igarashi does not see this coming at all. “H-hey... aren't they going a bit far and wild...? K-Kid-kun...? U-uhmm...” At time like this, she would bite her fingers excessively instead of thinking about something, but for the sake of her friend's life, Igarashi must come up with a great idea.

So it comes to this in the end...” Kid wasn’t expecting too much from this matter’s outcome and tried to accept his fate. He looked a little sad though, or did he? “I... I'm sorry everyone... My time with all of you is over.. I.. I will not be able to continue to live on this world anymore... I will receive my divine punishment shortly.” Kid, smiles weakly to Tenohira and Igarashi. It looks like today is The End of Kid Krueger.

Tenohira walked behind him and lightly tapped Kid’s right shoulder. His eyes showed a great sadness and loss, making Igarashi teared up. “Are you sure?” The taller guy asked, answered with an immediate, yet a firm nod full of determination. “B-but can we think of something besides execution?! K-Kid-kun, how about you just return all of their belongings, we could create peace only by that action, y-yes!?” Igarashi's hands began to shake as she desperately trying to prevent Kid to jump into a certain death.

The crowd, slowly but sure, approaching Kid, wanted him to be punished as soon as possible with their own hands. “This is unjust. We should bring Sasahara with us, but he’s not in the school area at this time... If that’s being the case, let me lend my body and strength in order to protect you.” Tenohira said, once again gallantly stood up for his friend. Igarashi can’t focused on recording what’s happen again as she wanted to join Tenohira in protecting her friend. “Yeah! Let me protect you too, Kid-kun! For the sake of our friendship!” Igarashi then rejoined the party, now is ready to become a shield for her precious classmate.

From Igarashi's recorder, it could be seen that the crowds become wilder and trying to attack the three of them all at once. As long as they could punish Kid and get their precious belongings back, none other than matters for them. “Ahahaha... I’m sorry guys, this introduction section is not supposed to be this bloody, I might be missing a person to introduce on this segment, but I have to cut it now... Fare—” Before Igarashi finished her last line, Kid immediately snatched her recorder and placed it on his right hand, shooting what he saw beneath his eyes.

Don't cut it out there, Arashi-chan. Because the show won't end now!” Kid let out his devilish smile and aimed the recorder towards the crowd. His act totally confuse Igarashi there. “Oh, look at those creepy faces! It freaks me out!” He said, completely a fake reaction.

“Screw you! We're not joking this time! We’ll drag you to hell and kill you many times there! Now admit your crime and return our belongings!” Kid silently watched them while Tenohira was about to be ready in facing all of the crowds. He had something in mind and whispered his plan to Tenohira and Igarashi’s ears. His plan is so evil that the Karate Master and the Storm Chaser’s body stiffen. Like, Tenohira’s facial expression tells that “Have a friend like you makes me tired.” while Igarashi’s is “I'm not sure if we could see another day if we continue to *play* this kind of game, Kid-kun... I can’t even calculate the succees percentage rate of this plan...

It looks like that now's the perfect time to make the crowds become more, more fuelled with hatred towards the Super High School Level Collector, so he thought to make the situation become more dangerous than before.

Kid let out a devilish grin, sticking out is tongue, smacking his butt to the crowds, “Pfft-- as if I will do that such a pitiful thing! Ha! Ha! Ha!” .......................... A moment of silence occured, until everyone could hear someone's neck cracking. One, two, three, four, five, and lots, lots of them. All of the crowds are triggered by Kid’s mocking words.

“Let's do it everyone, let's kill that bastard here and now.” What a pitiful weakling Kid thought, he already told Tenohira and Igarashi to run with him once again.

“UWOOOOOHHHH!!!!” Somehow, Kid's mischief could unite that crowd mobsters' heart become one with one goal, to snatch Kid's life from his body. Do not want to waste any second, Kid, followed by Tenohira and Igarashi managed to walk the first step, into another countless steps, trying to escape from the hunt.

Kid, I thought you were capable to solve your own problem. Your action betray your words, huh?” Said Tenohira who managed to run a step forward in front of Kid. “Hehe... I wonder?” Kid grinned like an innocent while recording the hunt behind him. “Kid-kun! Let me tell you. This is too much for me, but when I compare this to my storm chasing experience, I think this one is like a survival test for me. So I must endure! With three of us survive!

Ha, ha, ha, ha! What a nice words to say Arashi-chan! It definitely boost my morale! Now everyone, go into our favorite hiding place!” Kid hopped into Tenohira's back since truthfully, he has enough in running and decreasing his stamina. Tenohira and Igarashi have athletic bodies, so he trusted his body onto Tenohira's back while recording the crowds. Tenohira and Igarashi know what Kid means as “their favorite hiding place,” two of them immediately set off to that place using a hidden route that the crowd eventually lost sight of them.

Have we lost them...?” Igarashi asked while hiding behind a building with Tenohira and Kid, panting heavily after running for like one hour nonstop. “The hidden route is so effective that they lost us. Glad that Kid suggested to hide in this place.” After long time of running together, Tenohira rested his body on the ground, laying his back to the building's wall.

Do you know where we are now our dear audience? Here, let me show you the place!” Ignoring Igarashi and Tenohira who is on break after running for like one thousand miles for the entire day, Kid started to wander. He acknowledged this place, since he visited this place frequently with his classmates.

This place is called Mugen no Shukufuku Shrine, a perfect place for you who wanted to pray to Kami-sama! Apparently, one of my classmate serves this shrine!” Kid explained to the audience happily, wandering from one point to another point.

Hmh? It's very crowded there... It seems they are building stands here. Heee, isn’t that interesting?!” Kid ran towards the crowd, aiming the recorder towards everyone' stands. He was so enchanted by how hard working everyone is to build the stand. Nakama power rules.

Oopsy daisy! I forget that I also bring Tsuyoi-kun and Arashi-chan here, they would probably worried about me!” After satisfying his needs, Kid intended to return to where he should be waiting, until suddenly he was attacked from behind.

“Ha! Caught you off guard, you bastard!” The one who attacked him was one of the mobster crowd who effortlessly trying to catch him earlier. Now that he was tackled to the ground, the rest of the mobster surrounded him so he can’t escape from their grasp. Unfortunately, the recorder fall and was not in his reach.

Ah... Damnit... Look’s like I’m totally lost here. Oh well!” Kid who showed no resistance tied by the mobster, his hands and feet. “Haha, like what you feel now? I hope you’ll receive your punishment with that stupid smiles on your face!” Their laughter became their own victory cry who finally was able to finish their hunt. However, the hard-working workers disliked the mobster's appearance in the shrine area, since they disturbed the existed harmony in that place.

“What?! You don't like what you look?! Then why you fucking bother to look at us! We’ll fucking kill all of you if you dare to disturb us!” The crowd mobster, with arrogance shows no fear, making the workers dissipate their will to stop the commotion. Retaining Kid, the crowd mobster planned to exit from the shrine before someone’s coming.

“What's with this commotion?” A girl in shrine maiden's outfit, followed by two other maidens behind her came to the crowds from the main shrine building. The girl who is supposed to be the superior maiden took Igarashi’s fallen recorder from the ground, observing it for a moment. “A recorder...? Why this one is so familiar...? Is this Igarashi-san's?”

The two subordinates maiden heard that the commotion was made by some students from the renown Heavenly Born Academy and reported this shocking news to their superior. What a shame, it’s the same academy that the superior maiden attended. The superior one told one of her subordinates to record anything that happened after this using Igarashi's recorder that she easily recognized. After all, she remembered that today is supposed to be the day where she introduced herself to the audience.

“Heh? Hey look guys. Isn't this shrine maiden is a chick that acts so holy and what brainless people called as *blessed* by the God? Please don’t laugh at my command, laugh her off anytime, anywhere!” Laughter let out from the shameless students' mouth. Everyone thought that this was beyond boundary and these students need some hard spanking.

However, the superior maiden wasn't angry at all. She tried to calm down the workers as she wanted to persuade the students to leave the shrine at peace.

Young gentleman, please let me introduce myself. I'm Reimiya Inori, the Super High School Level Shrine Maiden who is also a current guardian to this shrine. We hope that you solve the existing problem with cool-head without disturbing the summer festival preparation, you have my deepest gratitude.

Ooh! It’s Rei-chan! What a perfect timing!! Kid thought on his mind, also thinking that her introduction section would be an exciting one. “Rei-chan! Over here! Yahoooo!” Kid shouted could be heard from the crowds, there he is, with his hands and feet being tied, but his childish grins never ceased even though he was trapped in this trying situation.

Hmmh...? Isn't that... Kid-san?” Reimiya wondered and immediately clarified her suspicion. Why he was tied in the beginning?... Oh... Oh! Now I see what the problem is. “Everyone, may I make a request? Could you please freed the kid over there so I can help in solving the problem? It'd be most appreciated.

“Fuck you we will not do that at all. Act holy as much as you want, we won’t give this guy to anyone until he got his punishment.” “Yeah, we’ll wreak havoc this place if you disagree with us!” “Boom!! Total destruction!” The shameless students stupidly won’t receive Reimiya's wise and fair request. How disappointing.

What's more, they began to destroy the hard-working hardworker's stands. They were so powerful that some who shows resistance were easily knocked off.

...... May God show you mercy....” Suddenly, like the sky swiftly fallen down into the Earth, and finally the dead coming back from their grave, a dark aura surrounds Reimiya completely, giving the impression that she is ready to go on a murder rampage. Oh you must be shitting me! Rei-chan is upset! When's the last time Reimiya was pissed at Kid that he pisses his pants? It was a long time ago that he didn’t want to remember it at all.

“Hey! Don't you dare lay your hands on the weak!” Shouted a girl from a stand, with a bunch of kids standing as her army right besides her. “Heh...? What did you just say...? You wanted to beat us with only bunch of weaklings...?” Laugh it off! Laugh if off! Don’t give a shit anymooooreee. (Sing this in “Let it Go” reff) The girl sang this song happily in her mind, smiling slyly towards the crowd mobster.

The girl was revealed as Igarashi and she secretly has a secret weapon hidden behind her back. “Alright kids, show them what you’ve got! FIRE!, or in this case, WATER!” After her words echoed through the shrine ground, all of the kids beside her begins to fire water from their toy guns, throwing the mobster with balls of water, and shot them with water from the pipe.

“Bleurgrhhfakhaifuckkk!!!” The mobsters was trying to catch the kids who began to escape from their attack. “Ha! H2O in your face!” Igarashi still busied herself in shooting water to all of them; all according to her scientific strategy. “Now, second wave, attack!” After the kids withdrawing from the battlefield, the adults begin to throw them smoke bombs, causing the surrounding area shrouded with smoke. She didn’t want to give them a chance to break free anymore. It’s time to end this stupid hunt.

“O-oy! We can’t see anything here!” The mobster panicked, not only that their body is wet, their vision reduced to only five centimeters ahead, not realizing that a monster was standing firmly among the group.

Alright. I’ll begin my training session here, I promise I won't break any of your guys bone.” The “monster” said in his fighting stance. “One,” He gently lands a punch on a mobster’s chest, knocking him in one punch. “Two,” He proceed to land another countless punches to all of the crowds using his karate technique, effectively beating them into submission.

The smoke become clear and shows all of the mobsters were already beaten into submission by none other than the Super High School Level Karate Master, Tenohira. “That was rather swift.” He calmly adjusting his tie and rejoined with his classmates.

We did it everyone!” Igarashi, followed by the others scream their victory cry. What a wonderful Sunday morning that they had. Among the happy crowds, Reimiya thanked her classmates for saving the day and calmly walked to the seemingly the leader of the lifeless-like shameless students who is lying on the ground.

Reimiya sits beside the student, placing her soft hand to the student’s hair. “May God show you the way...” Reimiya has already casted away all of her anger, showing the faithless student her softness in her voice, a gentle touch on his hair, praying that God would give all of the shameless student heart of forgiveness, to forgive his evil friend.

“Wh-wha...? Are, are you, a tenshi?” The fateless student’s hand reached out to Reimiya’s hands, touching it for a moment, slowly being addicted into it. “You’re a tenshi, aren’t you?! I-I’m going to steal you then... If I have you, I will forgive that kid easily.”

That faithless student was very enchanted by Reimiya’s words and beauty that all of her good traits making the student become, uhm... aroused? Before Reimiya could recognize that the boy was trying to molest her, a kick to the face knocked the student unconsciouss.

Don't you dare to steal my precious friend!” The one who laid a hard kick to the fateless student was none other than Kid who has been freed by Reimiya's subordinates. “Yo, Rei-chan! Thank you to come to my aid! You guys too, Tsuyoi-kun, Arashi-chan!” Igarashi has her recorder on her hand now, with Tenohira standing beside him.

Yahooo!!! This one adventure is surely make my heart-throbbing, don't you guys also feel this excitement, audience?!” Igarashi excitedly shots Kid’s smiling face who is hugging Reimiya tightly while she was whispered by Tenohira about something serious.

What are you guys talking about!? Tell me! Tell me!” Kid wanted to listen to their whispering so badly that he jumped into Tenohira's back. Igarashi who has already waited for this last moment of the last section of today’s introduction step away from her classmates, aiming her recorder camera at them.

We're going to capture you Kid, don’t do something reckless unless you want to be harmed by my hands.” Kid who didn't see this coming was easily captured by Tenohira, gripping his arms tightly while Reimiya's subordinates proceed to tie him again.

H-hey! What's this?! I thought we were friends! Friends don't betray friends!” Using only brute force can't helped him escape as he was completly tied. “This is for your own good Kid-san, be good for now.” Felt like they've already secured the source of the problem, with Kid ended being tied once again, Igarashi was about to close the introduction segment.

Well, that's it for today guys! It’s been fun! Who's your favorite until now--~? Me, Tenohira-kun, Kid-kun, or Reimiya-san!? I guess it’ll be a though choice, yes~? Alrighty, I’m Igarashi! Heading o—” “WAAAAAAAIIIIIIITTTT

Igarashi's closing line was interrupted by Kid who desperately trying to break free. “We’re not done yet, Arashi-chan. I was about to say something important to the audience!” The pinkette turned her camera to record Tenohira who immediately put a high cautious towards Kid’s action, while Reimiya already left the group to help the hard-working people in rebuilding their destroyed stand.

I won’t let you move, you know.” Tenohira purposely sitting beside him, make sure that Kid won’t ever move from his current spot.

Nah, I just wanted to tell that all of your guys action will be paid! Betrayal is not allowed in friendship after all! Ha, Ha, Ha.” Kid devilishly laughed towards his precious classmates who wonder what’s the meaning behind his word.

Ladies and gentlemen! I repeat this once again. I'm Kid Krueger, the infamous Super High School Level Collector. Be aware! I might steal your heart and added it into my collection! Please don’t forget that!” Even though he has no freedom in moving, no one prohibited him from shutting his mouth, one of his most dangerous weapon.

H-heh... S-So You only wanted to repeat your introduction, yes Kid-kun? S-somehow... I feel that something bad might’ve happen...” What Igarashi felt come true as they witnessed Reimiya ran to the three of them, panicking. “Minna... Run if you want to save your life, stay if you want to be slayed. People are angry after they lost some of their belongings... and they suspected Kid as the culprit behind this crime.” Reimiya panting heavily, pointing to the people that were angered towards Kid.

....Did you really do that, Kid?” Surprisingly, Tenohira who despised fight and crime, asking to the mischievous Kid with a gentle smile, or rather a smile that you shown to a troublesome person who is very precious to you. It seems that he completely understand what kind of person Kid is. As for return, Kid smiles brightly and pointed out his black limousine that appeared out of nowhere on the road using his nose.

Ha, ha, ha. I've already warned all of you right? Be aware with your belongings when you’re with me!” Without wasting anytime, Tenohira brought Kid on his shoulder and began their escape once again, followed by Igarashi who seems so pumped up with their continuing adventure.

“HEY! STOP! GIVE BACK OUR GOODS!” The crowds were managed to be stopped by Reimiya and some of the shrine maidens momentarily. “Kid-san... I wish my deeds could bring you back to light...” She shrugs, but later develop a smile, a forgiving smile to be exact. Somehow, she wanted to protect her classmate who done nothing but evil until now. Maybe because they shared a strong bond together that she disbanded her duty as a shrine maiden? Who knows.

To the Kidmobile!” The seemingly-innocent Kid ordered, laughing happily as they walked down the stairs to the shrine. “Yare yare... Why am I doing this, I wonder?” Tenohira asked this question to himself, very curious why this kid that he brought on his shoulder has a unique charm that forced him into keep protecting him.

I never thought that this kind of adventure is terrifying, yet super fun! I should try mischievous adventure like this frequently!” Igarashi who followed them from behind moving her recorder to the outstanding.

These three students had shared a strong bond that they risked their life in protecting their precious classmate. Well, isn't friendship is just very wonderful?

Okay guys, this is all from us! There's still eight of our friend that will introduce themselves to you! We promise that we’ll meet again in the future, in another adventure! This is Igarashi, heading out!

On translation progress



  • Here's some of the Japanese word translation used in the character introduction:
    • Konoyarou! (この野郎!) means "You bastard!"
    • Minna (皆) means "Everyone."
    • Yare yare (やれ やれ) is an expression when you let out a sigh of relief like "Whew!"
    • Tsuyoi (強い) means "strong", a pun created by Kid based on Tenohira's first name Tsuyoshi, who has a similar meaning to Tsuyoi.
    • Arashi (嵐) means "storm". Kid took this nickname from Igarashi's last name.
    • Rei (灵) means "spirit". Kid took this nickname from Reimiya's last name.


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