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Danganronpa: Hope for the Hopeless
Writer Aaxelae (talk)

Danganronpa: Hope for the Hopeless is a fanfiction written by Aaxelae. It takes place after Danganronpa 3 in a slightly divergent timeline. The story features 16 students to participate in the Killing School Mountain Trip.


The author has wanted to participate in the Danganronpa universe for a while. Mostly by creating characters and a few mysteries. Eventually the creator has come to realize that in order to bring any of the characters or class trials to life, they needed to make a story. The first step was to make the sixteen participants, then the location and murders, and finally the basic skeleton of the story for the killing game that would be woven into each chapter. That was when the writer realized two more characters were necessary.

The author is both busy and an amatuer so try to be patient. If you have any critique, it will be accepted. But constructive critique would be prefered. Also, the schedule cannot be expected to go at a normal pace so please be patient.


Warning: this entire story takes place after Danganronpa 3 and is subject to having spoilers

After the events of the The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History and the era that followed, a new era of hope was born. Hope’s Peak Academy was rebuilt anew under the headmaster. Hope’s Peak had once again achieved success and a new campus was built. The story follows sixteen teenagers that were accepted to Hope’s Peak but are now forced to participate in game of deception and despair. In an unknown place where graduation is only achieved through murder, will anyone escape? And who, if anyone, can be trusted?


Danganronpa: Hope for the Hopeless takes place somewhere called Hope’s Peak Mountain Lodge in a mysterious place called Veil Mountain. While there is no barrier to actively stop the group from escape, the cold will make short work of any such attempts.



Name Title Gender Nationality About
Monokuma Headmaster Male Male None Monokuma is an artificial intelligence used by the mastermind of the story to trap the students in Newpoint Lodge, keep them in line, and provide them motives for murder as the self-proclaimed headmaster. This robotic bear is half-white, half-black, and fully malicious. In spite of his cute appearance, he is sly and dangerous. He constantly tries to get each student to fall into despair or kill another.


Name Title Gender Nationality About
Nishi Toshiro SHSL Hypnotherapist FemaleFemale Japanese Nishi is fairly curious person who shows a distinct interest in getting to know people, especially other Ultimates. This is just one of the many reasons why she became the Super High School Level Hypnotherapist. She is not the most optimistic individual preferring a more realistic approach and tends to be selfish at times. Nonetheless she makes for theses traits in perseverance and an overall friendliness towards others.

As Super High School Level Hypnotherapist, Nishi can plant suggestions that aren’t in conflict with her clients personalities, improve client's moods, treat disorders, and hypnotize people in general.

Machi Satu SHSL Roboticist FemaleFemale Japanese Machi is the most blatant and antagonistic of her class. She is only tolerated for her talent as the Super High School Level Roboticist. She is the first to kill any false assumptions and hopes that her classmates might have. She is rarely playful prefering to stick to her no-nonsense attitude. However, she doesn’t seem to bear animosity towards anyone.

As Super High School Level Roboticist, Machi is heavily mechanically inclined. Specifically, she can create machines, program rudimentary algorithms, and deduce how a contraptions work with pinpoint accuracy.

Naya Hitomi SHSL Geologist FemaleFemale Japanese Naya is more rational and level headed than most of her classmates often acting as the voice of reason. Fittingly, she is the Super High School Level Geologist. Most of the time, she prefers to think things through before acting though she is one of the more trusting members of the group. Otherwise, she tends to act the most normally to any given situation and has the widest variety of attitudes.

As Super High School Level Geologist, Naya can tell you anything there is to know about a rock such as it’s history, type, formation, and where it is commonly located. Additionally, she can accurately deduce an area’s given history, water table, and seismic activity.

Shiro Michihiro SHSL Transportation Architect FemaleFemale Japanese She acts as if she is a gift to humanity because of her skillset as the Super High School Level Transportation Architect. However the best way to describe her personality is poisoned honey. She prefers to behave sweetly to everyone she meets ad nauseum but it is clear that she holds herself with a higher regard than everyone around her. She is also picky in her preferences and has been shown to be borderline sadistic to anyone who gets on her bad side.

As Super High School Level Transportation Architect Shiro knows schematics and designs for all forms of transit as well as efficient placement and other architectural information. Additionally, her talent means that she has acute mathematical precision and placement.

Saeki Masu SHSL Figure Skater FemaleFemale Japanese Because of her constant training to become the Super High School Level Figure Skater, Saeki is the strictest of the group. She is always working to keep herself in optimal condition as well as adhering to schedules perfectly. She is essentially the perfectionist of the group holding herself to an extremely high regard and her classmates to higher regards than most. With what free time she has, she likes to try new things and be friendly enough to most people she meets.

Saeki’s Super High School Level Figure Skater talent allows her to navigate flawlessly across ice, perform even the most advanced ice skating maneuvers, and endure the cold temperatures necessary to form ice for a prolonged period of time.

Sama Koetsu SHSL Literary Critic FemaleFemale Japanese Sama is mostly a quiet and introverted individual. As such, she usually speaks up when she has something on her mind or when she is trying to be nice. Fittingly, Sama is fairly critical of others as well as herself and prefers to react in a more passive aggressive matter usually in the form of sarcasm. Also, she takes a high pride in her intellectual capabilities and reading considering the art of language and higher thinking to be what makes humans special. It is fitting then that she is the Super High School Level Literary Critic.

As the Super High School Level Literary Critic, Sama has a deep knowledge on books, plot structures, literary devices, quotes, and anything else that has to do with books or stories.

Eto Uzuki SHSL Ornithologist FemaleFemale Japanese Eto has learned to tone her behavior down but her default attitude remains the most energetic and active of the students as well as the most driven almost to the point of obsession sometimes. One of her drives being towards her talent as the Super High School Level Ornithologist. Eto will try desperately to befriend people as well usually adapting her behavior around them. And notably, while she is an energetic individual she is not necessarily an optimistic person.

As the Super High School Level Ornithologist, Eto knows everything that there is to know about birds such as their migration patterns, habitats, eating patterns, behavior, approximate number in a given area, and many more important pieces of information.

Koike Juichi SHSL Diver FemaleFemale Japanese Koike leans towards the introverted side preferring a group of closely knit friends or the quietness of being alone. In fact, the peace of the ocean is part of what makes it so appealing to her as a Super High School Level Diver. She is also a little fearful that someone might want to take manipulate her though she is quite firm on her beliefs and not as submissive as one might believe. Nonetheless she always tries to be polite to everyone she meets and is willing to spend time with or help anyone who asks.

As the Super High School Level Diver, Koike is an outstanding swimmer capable of swimming well in many different water conditions, she is an excellent breath holder, and she knows how to operate diving equipment.

Sanda Iwane SHSL Illusionist Male Male Japanese Being a Super High School Level Illusionist means practicing tricks and entertaining others. And Sanda is more playful than anyone else in his class. He is possibly the second most optimistic preferring not to worry about what he cannot control. He spends most of his time to himself but whenever he speaks to anyone he is usually happy, agreeable, and helpful. He also shows an interest in other people’s talents usually encouraging them to cultivate them.

As the Super High School Level Illusionist, Sanda can successfully pull every trick there is that messes with any of a person’s senses.

Senji Kenazane SHSL Butler Male Male Japanese While Senji is not an introverted individual, he is often quiet and reserved. He does not make thoughtless actions but prefers to think his choice through. He stays calm and collected under almost any circumstance. And he has been shown to care about others and try to help in his own way by making their lives easier as the Super High School Level Butler.

As the Super High School Level Butler, Senji can perform any task necessary for housekeeping such as cleaning, cooking, gardening and applying rudimentary first aid.

Wakuni Shoda SHSL Marksman Male Male Japanese Wakuni is a fairly protective individual especially towards his brother. And as Super High School Level Marksman he has more than enough skill to handle himself. He is moderately outgoing and tries to along with others, but he is one of the more blunt people in the class. He himself prefers to think of it as being rational. He isn’t afraid of many things nor is he easily angered, but he has one of the more dangerous reactions for anyone who does manage to tick him off.

As Super High School Level Marksman, Wakuni can use any firearm with absolute precision and accuracy though he is especially talented with rifles.

Yakawa Shoda SHSL Paramedic Male Male Japanese Yakawa is a cautious optimist who likes to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And his talent as Super High School Level Paramedic requires him to exemplify that attitude. He is a fairly outgoing individual being one of the most overtly nice of the group but unlike his brother he is a bit more sensitive about his words and his actions. And his biggest flaw is that he leans towards being narcissistic with a higher pride than most in himself and his family.

As Super High School Level Paramedic, Yakawa knows about the anatomy of the human body and more importantly, how to stabilize someone if anything goes wrong. He is also aware of a few medical drugs and proper medical procedure.

Yasui Katai SHSL Stage Performer Male Male Japanese Yasui is a social animal who loves attention though not to a reckless level. Fortunately for him, he gets all the attention he needs as the Super High School Level Stage Performer He is probably the most violent of his classmates being the easiest to anger and having the second most disruptive temperament. However, he is capable of self-restraint and usually relaxed or getting lost in a character.

As Super High School Level Stage Performer, Yasui is capable of memorizing anything from scenes to entire plays, operating them, performing stage tricks if necessary, and very good acting.

Seno Sotatsu SHSL Lucky Student Male Male Japanese Seno is a hard and studious worker often preferring to use his own skill rather than relying on his talent. This can partially be attributed to guilt. Overall he behaves like the most optimistic of his class and he be nice. But he also tends to be manipulative and utilitarianist willing to use anything at his disposal, including his talent as the Super High School Level Lucky Student, to accomplish his goals.

As Super High School Level Lucky Student, good things seem to happen for Seno in unexpected way just when he needs them. His particular type of luck is much more stable than canon counterparts and almost never adversely affects him. However it can often be at the expense of other people.

Sasori Renzo SHSL Statistician Male Male Japanese Sasori is a largely lethargic individual. Because of his talent as the Super High School Level Statistician, he knows both the probability of success and the effort he needs to exert to accomplish any given task. The one exception is when he considers a matter important enough to demand his full effort no matter what the odds of success are. Between his high IQ and his ability to guess the probability of most outcomes, he tries to occupy his time by learning various subjects and taking big risks.

As Super High School Level Statistician, Sasori is well knowledged in several forms of math but he is best with probability. As such, he can often figure out the likelihood of any given outcome unfolding.

Tanabe Kenzaburo SHSL Arachnologist Male Male Japanese Overall, Tanabe has a dark vibe and his having the title of Super High School Level Arachnologist hardly helps. Tanabe is probably the most quiet and secretive of all of his classmates. He likes to be alone by himself and he enjoys the dark. At those points he is usually happiest or most teasing. He also exhibits a low level of self esteem and disbelief that anyone would really be interested in knowing him. But he does care about others.

As Super High School Level Arachnologist, Tanabe knows everything there is to know about spiders such as species and hunting patterns as well as how each species’ venom works and how to counteract them.

Spoiler characters

Oops! I almost read a spoiler!   Plot and/or ending details follow.

Name Title Gender Nationality About
Asato Tara SHSL Reporter FemaleFemale Japanese Asato’s defining traits seem to be her pursuit of justice and her demand for fairness as they seem to be her motivation for most of her actions. One can tell by the way they influenced her actions as the Super High School Level Reporter. She is a quick thinking and curious individual as well. But in spite of her desires and her influence, she can be a bit cynical at the world sometimes. And she herself admits that she can be impulsive and rarely considers consequences for her actions.

As Super High School Level Reporter, Asato is especially adept in gathering information and reporting it fairly and convincingly to the public. Asato also has a high level of persuasion towards the populace.

Fujima Terao SHSL ??? Male Male Japanese Fujima has an imposing and commandeering personality that demands respect and obedience. He also has an unusual fascination in history, society, anthropology, and other aspects of humanity. This is partially what led him to become the Super High School Level ???. However in spite of his intimidating presence he appears to be well mannered, capable of being pleasant, and has shown some degrees of altruism.

Unlike other Super High School Level ???’s, Fujima is well aware of his talent but doesn’t interact with class 90 of Hope’s Peak Academy’s Hokkaido branch until late into the story.

Sunada Kazuko SHSL Chocolatier Male Male Japanese Sunada is is largely a selfish individual and a bit of a cheapskate. His main priority is business and profit and his talent as Super High School Level Chocolatier has given him just that. However, he does seem to care about his class and he enjoys making people happy with his treats. Additionally, he takes great pride in his work refusing to cut corners and holds himself to the highest quality standard possible.

As Super High School Level Chocolatier, Sunada knows everything there is to know about chocolate. More importantly, he can make any chocolate or chocolate related candy with unrivaled skill.

Spoilers end here.

Main Story

Prologue All Part Warm greetings
Chapter 1 Daily Fun and games (1)
Deadly Fun and games (2)
Trial Fun and games (3)
Aftermath Fun and games (4)
Chapter 2 Daily Blood runs cold (1)
Deadly Blood runs cold (2)
Trial Blood runs cold (3)
Aftermath Blood runs cold (4)
Chapter 3 Daily Top of the world, height of despair (1)
Deadly Top of the world, height of despair (2)
Trial Top of the world, height of despair (3)
Aftermath Top of the world, height of despair (4)
Chapter 4 Daily Put on ice (1)
Deadly Put on ice (2)
Trial Put on ice (3)
Aftermath Put on ice (4)
Chapter 5 Daily The memory game (1)
Deadly The memory game (2)
Trial The memory game (3)
Aftermath The memory game (4)
Chapter 6 Daily TBA
Deadly TBA
Trial TBA
Epilogue All Part TBA

Side Stories


  • In spite of it’s name, the creator intends for it to be at least as dark as some of the other stories here. the creator just kind of sucks with names :P
  • This is the creator's first fanfic. If the creator sucks, that’s why. The creator wants you to know at least that they did think the plot through contrary to whatever impression the development they gave :P
  • The creator already has the plot, motives, murders, culprits, and executions planned out. As of typing this, nothing here should be plagiarized and any similarities really are purely coincidental.
  • The story area originally was going to have a subpage but it seemed a bit short to warrant its own page.
  • The creator is using these categories because they thought they were important to the story. they didn’t mean to directly copy anyone and are sorry if they did. They tried to make it as original as possible.
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