The following is a list of editors who have positions of prestige within our community. These positions are awarded to those who, depending on their role, show they are willing to create and write meaningful articles, manage user edits and vandalism, or provide community leadership to handle issues.


Administrators are able to block vandals, delete files, lock pages, rollback vandalism and move images. There are two types of Administrators: Sysops, able to do all of the tasks listed, and Bureaucrats, able to perform all tasks listed as well as change the rights of a user.

Rikuya Wikia Icon Riku is an old-fashioned 2013 Dangan Ronpa fan and an admin of Danganronpa Fanfiction Wiki. Being one of the most active admin, he is the lead of the Wiki's Mass Standardizing Project to make the Wiki become the best place to host Dangan Ronpa fanon stories. His creation is Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Insiginia and the reason why he hasn't published it yet is because he aims to write it carefully, with love, more plot twists, and extreme details.

Riku is always at your service, so don't hesitate to ask his help! You can also contact him in the main Danganronpa Wiki.

Mirai Moon Wikia Icon OrchidSomnium is the founder of this wiki... though because he's a loser and has a hard time committing to anything, he's only sometimes active on the wiki. Orchid, or Jake, has been a Danganronpa fan ever since he played a fan-translation of Trigger Happy Havoc, and it's since become one of his favourite fictional series, inspiring him to create this wiki. Let it be known that Orchid did also enjoy the Danganronpa 3 anime (more so Side: Future than Side: Despair), though will not hesitate to admit its flaws.

Jake was also temporarily an admin on the main Danganronpa wiki, and he made a skin for the site that was changed fairly quickly.

Bubble-Blitz Wikia Icon Bubble-Blitz is the second person to be promoted to admin in this wiki. A fan of Danganronpa ever since he first read about the series a few years ago (and ironically was disgusted by it's sadism at first), the franchise quickly grew into one of his favorites. He's not particularly writing anything for now, but has a storyline in form of the Extremist Arc.

Thought not even close to how much Rikuya is active, he's always up to help anyone in need, and is the one you should go if you prefer help from someone gentler. From editing to actual conflicts, there is nothing he can't help you with!

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