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Divine Reborn Island
Kanji ディヴィネリボーン
Romaji Divūine Ribōn
Location Statistics
Located in Pacific Ocean
Year of Creation 1900 - 1999
Debut Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Insignia
Created by Rikuya (talk)

Divine Reborn Island (Japanese: ディヴィネリボーン' Divūine Ribōn) or often referred as Mankind's True Utopia (Japanese: 人類の真のユートピア Jinrui no Shin no Yūtopia) is an artificial island created by the Japanese government in Pacific Ocean. The Island consisted of two main islands. The first is where Cosmos Insight City located and the second is Heavenly Born Academy.

Divine Reborn Island's creation project begins in 1900 and postponed during World War II. The project ended in 1999 and civilization starts from the year. The island originally intended as a research place for the organization's World scientists. However, after World War II ended, the organization decided to find its new headquarter somewhere else.

Fortunately for Japan government, the organization strangely refused Japan's offering to return their used fund, making the project established faster than the government's expected.


Divine Reborn Island is one of the largest artificial islands in the world. It begins its civilization right after the island officially opened. Divine Reborn is the most famous man-made island and gains its reputation as the supreme island that could beat down almost every civilization on Earth.


Located on the north Pacific Ocean, Divine Reborn Island being the only island inhabited by humans. The distance between the island and Honshu Island is approximately 350 km2 in the east. The island widths extending about 150 km at the square from west to east and 90 km at the square from north to south.

The first island, which is the largest island from two main islands is where the Cosmos Insight City located.

Despite being an artificial island, Divine Reborn Island's appearance doesn't look different from another island. The government created an artificial forest outside the city and Heavenly Born Academy. They also created a wildlife reserve for rare animals from around the world.

Because the island initially intended for a place of research, there are many high-technologies eventually used by the people to create mankind's most advanced island in its civilization.


The people who want to live on this island must have passed the requirements and several examinations that determine the location where they will live.

The people of the island live a prosperous life. They lived in the most-advanced technology city and have the famous Heavenly Born Academy which launched top students that is very successful every year.

It is said that Divine Reborn is a Utopia, a dream island where only talented people could live in.

Test and Requirements

Before entering the city, people must pass the domestic test and requirements. Here is the list of the requirements:

  • There are three kinds of people that can reside on the island without passing any test and requirements: The Staff's family, Researcher/Scientist, and students who are scouted by Heavenly Born Academy.
  • Those who wished to reside in the island must have at least a family member that specialized in a specific work/study field such as education, engineering, business, agriculture, health, etc.
  • The minimum number of assigned family members is two people. A person who assigned alone will automatically banned from the island.
  • Once completing the requirements above, you will have three phases of examination. The level will be different for elders, adults, teenagers, and kids.

Cosmos Insight City

Cosmos Insight City (コスモス 洞察力の街 Kosumosu Dōsatsuryoku no Machi) is a city located in Divine Reborn Island's first island. It was addressed as the most advanced artificial island in the current era.


Cosmos Insight City is the metropolitan and capital city of Divine Reborn Island. It has six different districts with one being the center and main district. It is home for 2,500,000 people who came from all around the world. The city was established since 1999 and the population keeps increasing day by day.

Before officially resides in the city, one must pass the test and requirements (explained on Divine Reborn article). People can't decide on their own which district that they'll live and instead, instead, it will be decided based on the test result.



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