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Heavenly Born Academy (天国うまれ学園 Tengoku Umare Gakuen) is the main setting of Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Insignia.

It is located on the second island of Divine Reborn Island that connected with a bridge to the first island where Cosmos Insight City located.


School System

Founded and created by the government since many years ago, Heavenly Born Academy has its own reputation as a school for students with natural talents since they were born. The students scouted from different high schools come across the land to the academy in order to nurture and increase their respectives skills and talents. The scouted students refered as the "Super High School Level Student."

The academy has created advanced research labs for each students with different talents as a facility to hone their talents and preparing for their special project during their third year known as The Last Day Project.

Each students live in Divine Reborn Island for three consecutive years until the graduation day.


Heavenly Born Academy is located on an artificial island in southern Japan, Divine Reborn Island, created by the Japanese government. The island is divided into two islands. The first island is the metropolitan, where the Cosmos Insight City located. The other one is a rather small island where Heavenly Born Academy located. The two islands is connected with a great bridge. Only students, staff, and permitted people that only pass through the bridge to the second island.

In the second island, the academy divided into three main buildings; the Main Building where the campus and research labs for students located, the staff building, and the dormitory where the students live.

Heavenly Born Academy's main building is the widest and the biggest building of the academy area. There are one main building and small buildings separated through the second island.


Heavenly Born Academy is consisted of a main building connected to many smaller buildings connected with many bridges. It is consisted of five floors and a basement. Unique to Heavenly Born, each floors have different themes based on the four seasons and have decorations that Sasahara Naoki said as "too bizarre, like the staff tried so hard to make this school as a replica of the actual Heaven when it really isn't."


Five years after Divine Reborn Island establishment, Heavenly Born Academy officially opened in that year and has been standing for eighty five years until Monokuma take over the academy and turned it into a colosseum.

List of Known Students

Class 85th

Image Name Title Status
Itoku Akiba Pixel ID
Itoku Akiba
いとく 秋葉
Super High School Level Counselor
Hashira Anemone Pixel ID
Hashira Anemone
柱 アネモネ
Super High School Level
Event Planner
Kagemichi Dokuro Pixel ID
Kagemichi Dokuro
影道 どくろ
Super High School Level Hacker
Igarashi Ranko Pixel ID
Igarashi Ranko
五十嵐 蘭子
Super High School Level Storm Chaser
Kid Krueger Pixel ID
Kid Krueger
キッド クルーガー
Super High School Level Collector
Rikimaru Hakuryuu Pixel ID
Rikimaru Hakuryuu
吏紀丸 白龍
Super High School Level Screenwriter
Amatsuki Yumiya Pixel ID
Amatsuki Yumiya
天月 ゆみや
Super High School Level Archer
Hitoka Shoukou Pixel ID
Hitoka Shoukou
人也 清光
Super High School Level Puppeteer
Hyoushirou Reo Pixel ID
Hyoushirou Reo
兵志朗 零央
Super High School Level ???
Oomi Mika Pixel ID
Oomi Mika
久夜 味香
Super High School Level Barmaid
Reimiya Inori Pixel ID
Reimiya Inori
灵宮 祈
Super High School Level Shrine Maiden
Yasujima Fubuki Pixel ID
Yasujima Fubuki
安島 吹雪
Super High School Level Snowboarder
Kagayaku Suzume Pixel ID
Kagayaku Suzume
輝く すずめ
Super High School Level Illustrator
Sasahara Naoki Pixel ID
Sasahara Naoki
笹原 直樹
Super High School Level Attorney
Niccolo Stradivari Pixel ID
Niccolò Stradivari
Super High School Level Luthier
Tenohira Tsuyoshi Pixel ID
Tenohira Tsuyoshi
掌 剛
Super High School Level Karate Master


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