Hope's City is the main location in Danganronpa: Infinite Despair 2 and it's spin offs, the city is located on an island on the pacific coast of North America and houses the North American Branch of Hope's Peak Academy which the city was named after, the city lies on the border of the United States and Canada.


Hope's City was originally called Center City, a small city on an island that was built during the early 1900s, around 1906 the city was nearly devastated by an earthquake that sunk a quarter of the city underwater where the old buildings can still be seen half submerged under the waves and it's a popular place for the Super High School Level Scuba Divers and any student who has a talent in a maritime position.

In 1916, the city became host to the North American Branch of Hope's Peak Academy and was renamed to Hope's City as a way for the people to know that this is where the hope of the nations were being trained for the future, after Hope's Peak Academy opened it's doors, the city went from a small time town to a metropolis by the 1960s and continued to grow until the start of The Tragedy.

During the events of Danganronpa: Infinite Despair 0/2 -Death & Rebirth-, the city is shown to be in a state of constant construction with buildings popping up every year or so.

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