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Keisuke Mcklein
Full name Keisuke Mcklein
Title Ultimate Ninja
Alias • Zero (By his friends and himself)
Birth date November 15
Zodiac Scorpio
Height 6'2"
Weight 75kg
Blood type O
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Age 19
Nationality British
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution Center Academy's Final Countdown
Fate • Survived his Execution
• Escaped from Center Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father and Mother
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation Whisper Wood High School
Created by RenChronomio

 Hmm? I have looks to kill? Well then, you should be careful then.  

Keisuke Mcklein

Keisuke Mcklein also known as his code name "Zero", (恵助 マクレーン Keisuke Mcklein) is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals, and he is a participant in the Prison Killing Game.

He is the Ultimate Ninja (超高校級の「忍者」chō kōkō kyū no “Ninja”). Thanks to his blood of his old family century.

Name and Development

Keisuke's first name means 恵 (e, kei, megu.mi, meaning "blessing, favour, grace, kindness, and 助 (jo, suke, su.keru, tasu.karu, tasu.keru) meaning "assist, help, save, rescue. while his last name is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Gille Eathain, a patronymic name meaning "son of the servant of Saint John."

The author created him as a "mix" due to his blood of both Japanese and British. Though the author decided to give him more Japanese accent.

His development was inspired by Sarutobi Sasuke from Sengoku Basara. And decided to change his appearance by bit modern-ish ninja and added a scarf as his signature look.



Keisuke has fair fair skin and has red eyes, he has short black hair hair with a grey scarf which he use as a mask to hid half of his face and also a red bandana (Similar to Takeshi's bandana).

He wears a blue leather shirt with bracers on his arms and also shoulder guards which protects his from getting hit. He also wears some sort of leather binder hidden in his shirt that also protects his stomach area and he has an autumn leaf crest on his right arm. And he also wears black pants with knee guards, and also white socks and zori.

Skills & Abilities

Super High School Level Ninja

As the SHSL Ninja, Keisuke has an ability to hide his presence and has all the abilities that an average ninja can do. He has great Parkour skills, self-defense and ninjitsu skills which he practices in his room. He is also very flexible and strong and can easily blend in the dark, similar to Itsuki Kowareta.


Keisuke is a quiet, unselfish person that keeps an eye on every student as much as he can cause he has sworn as a duty to protect the weak which is also a reason he sometimes watch Itsuki and Himeno Jundo. Though due to his appearance, he is often misjudge and in return he often let's them be as he doesn't care.

Though not really shown, Keisuke is actually a caring person. He just has a weird way of saying it and whenever he says something nice or even just a compliment, he tends to say something harsh which he doesn't know.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Raised in the UK, Zero is part of a very political family and due to that he wasn't allowed to leave the house and he is often been taken care of his maids and butlers and for that reason he is not that close to his family. But, that didn't stop him from sneaking around or even left undetected. He often practices sword play and tricks to improve himself as he often exercise and always minds his diet.

He actually has special blood in his vein as he is swift and is able to hide his presence. He later then moved to Japan in the countryside and he even practices more on his senses along with his flexibility. His skills is at the stage of a very assassin or a scout. But even when practicing in a secluded countryside, he was scouted by Hope's Peak themselves and thanks to that and he also wanted to continue his education, he joined Hope's Peak as the SHSL Ninja.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After Kazuko taking the lead as the Group's Leader, Keisuke also wanted to do his part and wishing to use his talent to the best so he uses his talent to hid himself watching the dorms at night. And he often looks after the people who seems to worthy victim to some others like Itsuki and Himeno.

Later on in their lives, Keisuke was getting a bit upset that their numbers are growing smaller and smaller but decided to stay strong and watches all of them to the best of his abilities.

He later found his Super High School Level Ninja Research Laboratory after the 3rd Trial which consists of like an old countryside home which just consists of very historical records of the Sengoku Period.

His Mistake *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Keisuke isn't fond of bonding but find himself taking care of Itsuki whenever he could not find Rantarou. He sees Itsuki. He often carries him on his back whenever he sees him falling asleep in some corner and often just always watches him more. When he found him in panic state in Chapter 4, he was worried but Itsuki continued to ran away but Keisuke followed him but stopped due to Yukio's request of help.

After finding Itsuki's dead body in his SHSL Research Laboratory, he broke into small and quiet tears as he, not only witness the sign of him running in a panic state, watches as he did not able to save him from this fate.

Later in the trial, he joined Kazuko and Rantarou in debating on his murderer and won. After the trial, he watched as Itsuki's lifeless body getting executed he was angered by the act of injustice and mistake, where he decided to grow stronger to watch over all of his surviving classmates

The Resolution *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After Itsuki's Execution, Keisuke wasn't at his usual post where he sees if anyone is leaving the dorm or not, he saw Rantarou sitting in the fountain bench. Where they talked throughout the night about Itsuki's childhood.

Awhile later, Rantarou showed Itsuki's old winter scarf he kept for the longest time. Rantarou decided to give it to Keisuke seems he deems more worthy to wear it, even though Itsuki's knows Rantarou more, but seeing as Keisuke is more suited for this.

Then after that Rantarou left only leaving Keisuke in the Center alone looking at the long winter scarf. He laughed a bit seeing as this is way to big for him and decided to not let go of the past and deciding to keep going even the loss of a friend. He showed his new resolve and wears the scarf instead of his old one through Chapter 5 till the end.

The Videos *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Keisuke was part of the MRP, Which he didn't know of, since the mind erase. But looking at the past crimes he committed, where he steals valuable belongings and info and to sell them off, has made him wondered why he turn into such a criminal. Keisuke's videos wasn't the only one, everyone has a criminal record video. But later on they watched a Video Kazuko left for them.

It's a video of all of them smiling, having a good time, and some silly moments that makes you laugh your heart out. The Moments Keisuke have was him fully taking off his scarf showing his smile to everyone like an average boy. And another moment where he faced Takeshi Yakuzaka in a fight only, to fail since Takeshi was much stronger.

There we're a bunch of moments where their life in the Prison School back then was actually enjoyable. And taking this video as Kazuko's last message, he decided to stay strong and fight for their freedom in the Final Trial.

Graduation *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After the Mastermind's defeat in the Final Trial, The whole school is beginning to crumble down. Rantarou said to the others to ran to the final gateway, so he can Hack into the Main Monitor, of the entire school. As they ran the gate was still closed but it finally opened thanks to Rantarou but he said he wouldn't make it.

Everyone was against leaving Rantarou behind, but the gate were beginning to close and Rantarou told them to hurry and go. Some we're still against, but decided to ran as they don't want to waste his sacrifice in this escape.

Awhile later in walking down the tunnel the final 5 emerge from the tunnel and finally see the sun rising. They look behind the tunnel and think about what they should do, since they really don't know how long they have been trapped inside, but Keisuke still cling on to his hope along with the 4 others and decided to act. They look at the rising sun and smiled.