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Danganronpa: Killing City Life, or simply Killing City Life, is the first installment of the Extremist Arc. It's set on a different universe of the original Danganronpa, and the story parts away from the generic Danganronpa formula vastly, as it's not focused solely on the killing game.


It revolves around thirteen students trapped in an island under the control of a sadistic monochrome bear named Monokuma. They are forced to live a communal lifestyle together under a set amount of rules (included in the e-Handbook) for the rest of their lives, although it is possible to "disrupt the peace" in order to escape. In order to do this, a student must "graduate" from the school by murdering a classmate. After a body has been discovered, the rest of the students must work together to discover the culprit, who is known as the "blackened", while the innocents are on the side of the "whitened," playing off Monokuma's monochromatic color scheme. If the culprit can fool the rest of their classmates, then they alone can graduate the school while the rest of the students will be punished (executed). However, if the classmates uncover the true culprit, then the culprit alone will be punished with a gruesome execution while everyone else remains unharmed.

The Cast


Bella Ultimate Internet Sensation
Bella Head ID
Equipped with a sharp tongue and unchangeable opinions, Bella comes off as a standoff easily, not only because of what comes out of her mouth, but the body this words pertains to: She has a model like appearance and a talent in being photogenic and pretty in general, the breath-taking girl could not have any other title than the Ultimate Internet Sensation. However, being a celebrity won't change her, no matter how much likes she gets, she doesn't seem to lose her lewdness.
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
5' 5.5"
Weight 53kg
116 lbs
Like Clean Skin
Dislike Glasses "No harm comes from a dog who can only bark; when the time comes to bite, it's not a surprise they'll flinch. Doesn't this remind you of humans?"


Bianca Ultimate Personal Assistant
Bianca Head ID
Bianca has slow wits that she likes to call a "Slow-to-understand brain", the naive girl has difficulty with everything ranging from simple math equations to understanding how a electric oven works. Nonetheless, she has the cheeriness to move on and an extreme loyalty that, once she promises anything, it's almost certain she will fix your problems, so much she has made it a job! Now, the Ultimate Personal Assistant only fear is her own math grade.
Gender Female
Height 167 cm
5' 5.5"
Weight 62kg
142 lbs
Like K-Pop
Dislike Teasing "Yes, it's true everyone will be forgotten one day... Unless, of course, they're able to make history. And I think every little emotion, relationship and effort you make will stay in history, no good deed is wasted."


Carla Ultimate Daycare Teacher
Carla Head ID
Carla is known for working day and night in her parents' fast food restaurant, cleaning the whole house and working a part-time job as a daycare teacher, all at once. This tireless girl has a warm, loving smile and many, many friends as a result; her aura is so pure and friendly that children seem captivated by her, and she easily create bonds with the small ones she love so much, it's no doubt that "Aunt Carla", as the children call her, is the Ultimate Daycare Teacher.
Gender Female
Height 163 cm
5' 4"
Weight 50kg
110 lbs
Like Singing
Dislike Treachery "True friendship is something that happens, not something you choose to have."


Dani Ultimate Fine Artist
Dani Head ID
Dani is a lazy girl with a no-nonsense attitude and a very wide sense of humor, whenever she's not snoozing, she's laughing to tears with anything and everything. Though usually inactive, she's an art prodigy and has a great skill in painting, crafting and just general creativity, but she lacks the abstract and philosophical view other artists may have, and her creations are purely for aesthetic. This is still enough to make her the Ultimate Fine Artist.
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
5' 2"
Weight 49kg
108 lbs
Like Netflix
Dislike Drama "Pretty things make pretty smiles."


Edney Ultimate Scammer
Edney Head ID
The group's funnyman, Edney is less than bothered about the stress and chaos, and rarely loses his jokes and composure. Even though he is a genuine and kind person, he's not too bright, but this is easily overshadowed by his friendliness and eager to talk and socialize with others. This traits seem to conflict a lot with his peculiar talent, something not even his friends seem to understand, all that is known is that he's helping police a lot lately, in a very spy-movie like technique, after all, he's the Ultimate Scammer.
Gender Male
Height 160 cm
5' 2"
Weight 58kg
127 lbs
Like Games
Dislike Boredom "No person, not a single one, needs to be sad and miserable. Happiness is free, achievable and gratifying and we must seek to make everyone have it."


Farlley Ultimate Host
Farlley Head ID
The highly charismatic Farlley has a wide and bright smile, that deeps down, hides huge treachery and deviousness. Arrogant and self-centered, he's focused on achieving his own goals and being generally satisfied, and even if he is rotten to the core, his good humor and capacity to hide how he truly is as easily lead him into the host of his own television show, as the Ultimate Host. However, his classmates aren't tricked by him, at all.
Gender Male
Height 164 cm
5' 4"
Weight 55kg
121 lbs
Like Attention
Dislike Righties "Meeting new fresh faces from time to time is much better than sticking to what's old!!"


Ian Ultimate Beta
Ian Head ID
Ian is a over-the-top boy, whose energy and honesty both are endless. A very curious person, he's always insulting his friends in a passive-aggressive fashion and confusing others with strange comments, those who only perceive the bubbly persona may never notice the teen genius he is. Even though he has all to be a leader, his heart belongs to helping Bella in her life and being on her side all the time, the qualities that make him a Ultimate Beta.
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
5' 9"
Weight 65kg
143 lbs
Like Candy
Dislike Crushes "I mean, everyone has potential and intelligence somehow! Except for, obviously, the dipshits who think other's don't!"


Milly Ultimate Coreographer
Milly Head ID
The one girl with the dashing looks and pretty eyes, Milly is known for her huge pride in herself and her own emotions, as long as her mind's focused on something, she'll do everything in her power to do the job, that's what lead her into being the Ultimate Choreographer. Even if she's popular and a bit of vain, she's still a bright, cheerful girl with a kind heart.
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
5' 6"
Weight 61kg
134 lbs
Like Parties
Dislike Chickens "Are you going to keep hurting yourself over the past, or finding happiness in what's happening now?"


Mika Ultimate Martial Artist
Mika Head ID
A rather introverted guy, Mika is usually all by himself and relying on his few closest male friends to try and keep up to things. After flunking down two years, he has had his ego completely and utterly destroyed, and aside from a few overreactions from time to time, the Ultimate Martial Artist is no more than a harmless boy, though still amicable.
Gender Male
Height 189 cm
6' 2"
Weight 80kg
176 lbs
Like Affection
Dislike Retake Tests "Sometimes giving up is not a bad thing..."


The Imposter Ultimate Imposter
Imposter Head ID
A shadowy figure who materialized as a figure from the classmates' past, the Ultimate Imposter takes the form of a former classmate, as a spy. The mastermind of the killing game, it's willing to give all it got to flunk the world into the extremist form of hope they have come up with, supposedly, by themselves.
Gender ???
Height ???
Weight ???
Like N/A
Dislike N/A "Chaos impedes hope from living on."


Ray Ultimate Youtuber
Ray Head ID
The cheerful cutie, Ray, is everyone's best friend and the most sociable out of the first class, she loves every one of her friends. The most emotional classmate, she's quick to go down in tears for almost any minor inconvenience, but thanks to that, she is able to see meaning in other's actions and see what's truly hidden in their hearts. As the Ultimate Youtuber, her life and opinions are almost public domain, so it's hard for anyone not to know what's truly in her mind.
Gender Female
Height 159 cm
5' 2"
Weight 51kg
112 lbs
Like One Direction
Dislike Atheism "C'mon! We need to fight for our friends!"


Thiago Ultimate Striker
Thiago Head ID
Thiago fully and completely fulfills the hole of the "idiot jock" among his friends, as what he lacks in brain power is compensated with high stamina and energy, he has a never-ending sense of humor that compensates for his lack of confidence that comes with the anxiety he has over mundane things. The Ultimate Striker has fought a lot to get where he is, and his teamwork as lead him into being an extremely loyal friend you can rely on.
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
5' 9"
Weight 75kg
165 lbs
Like His "Bros"
Dislike Other Teams "Just because I can't say pretty phrases don't mean I'm not smart! What matter is what's in my heart, right?"


Thierry Ultimate Roboticist
Thierry Head ID
The friend who is often left behind and bullied, Thierry is often put down by others for good, and his meaner classmates never let any one of his offensive comments without a payment. Often taunted and teased, usually by Ian, he has grew to be a nonchalant person who takes insults lightly, a perfect punching bag. He wants to be a popular kid no matter what, and his title as the Ultimate Roboticist has only been born because of his need to have something to brag on!
Gender Male
Height 200cm
6' 6"
Weight 100kg
220 lbs
Like Pretty girls
Dislike Rejection "No need to hear what he say, I know how cool I am! Ain't I? Guys?"


Number Name Length
Prologue Welcome to the Island! 7 Days
The First Class assembles in the great island that Hope's Peak's settled in. However, what seems to be a new life turns into a disaster.
First Who Wants to be a Millionaire? TBA
Second Momakuma Fever TBA
Third The Lives, the Deaths TBA
Fourth Dramatical Homicide Frenzy TBA
Fifth The End of Hope's Peak Academy TBA
Epilogue A New Chapter TBA


  • The killing game went from late-June to early-July.