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New Killing School Life (Hikikomori19)
Full name New Killing School Life (Hikikomori19)

The New Killing School Life is a killing game set in New Hope Academy, on the story Danganronpa 0.5: Shinkibou. Hosted my Monokuma, it began around a week after the start of the Killing School Life in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

The Game

The Killing Game consists in the sixteen students of the Academy's Class 1 imprisoned inside the school, forced to follow a set of rules and live a communal lifestyle without connection or information of the outside world. They're constantly monitored by Monokuma through security cameras.

In order to leave the school, there's only one way: Graduation. To graduate, one must kill a classmate and deceive the surviving members in the Class Trial.

The Class Trial is where the remaining students will debate and present the evidence gathered through invstigation of the crime scene (after a body has been found), and try to find the culprit, voting on who they think it is at the end. If they manage to find the real killer, they'll be spared, and the killer will receive punishment in the form of a gruesome execution. If, however, they cannot, the murderer will leave the school unharmed, and the other students will be executed.

The students received an electronic device called Electro-ID, where they can check their own personal information, their friends' and the rules Monokuma provides, as well as register evidence during investigation.

List of Rules

  • Rule #1: Students may only live within the school area. Leaving is strictly prohibited.
  • Rule #2: "Night Time" is the period from 10 pm to 7 am. During this period, some areas will be off-limits.
  • Rule #3: Sleeping anywhere other than your own dormitory is forbidden and will be punished accordingly.
  • Rule #4: There's no limits to what, how much or where you may investigate, as long as you don't violate any other rule.
  • Rule #5: Violence against the headmaster, Monokuma, is strictly forbidden, and will be severely punished. Destruction of the security cameras is also forbidden.
  • Rule #6: A student who kills a classmate will become the "Murderer", and will graduate, given he's not found out by the others.
  • Rule #7: A student may kill up to two classmates.
  • Rule #8: It is prohibited to borrow your Electro-ID to anyone.

List of Participants

These are the participants and their respective titles.

Name Title Status Nationality Fate
Kenji Tatsuo Ultimate Game Designer Alive Japanese Survived the Killing Game and escaped the Academy.
Kazuki Suzume Ultimate RPG Master Alive Japanese Survived the Killing Game and escaped the Academy.
Daichi Yoshinori Ultimate Guitarist Deceased Japanese Executed by Monokuma.

(1st executed, 2nd death overall)

Akio Tsumeo Ultimate Chess Player Deceased Japanese Killed by Kimiko Shizuka

(5th victim, 8th death overall)

Mieto Izanagi Ultimate Ballet Dancer Deceased Japanese Killed by Madoka Kotori

(3rd victim, 5th death overall)

Hiroito Fuyuki Ultimate Soccer Player Deceased Japanese Executed by Monokuma

(2nd executed, 4th death overall)

Fumio Manabu Ultimate Hacker Alive Japanese Survived the Killing Game and escaped the Academy
Amata Ryotaro Ultimate Comedian Deceased Japanese Killed by Daichi Yoshinori

(1st victim, 1st death overall)

Ayaka Miyoki Ultimate Karate Fighter Alive Japanese Survived the Killing Game and escaped the Academy
Izumi Sayuri Ultimate Poet Deceased Japanese Commited Suicide

(1st suicide, 10th death overall)

Madoka Kotori Ultimate Journalist Deceased Japanese Executed by Monokuma

(3rd executed, 7th death overall)

Raiden Shiori Ultimate Hunter Deceased Japanese Killed by Madoka Kotori

(4th victim, 6th death overall)

Kimiko Shizuka Ultimate Drawer Deceased Japanese Executed by Monokuma

(4th executed, 9th death overall)

Yoshie Umeko Ultimate Biologist Alive Japanese Survived the Killing Game and escaped the Academy
Haruka Osamu Ultimate Psychologist Alive Japanese Survived the Killing Game and escaped the Academy
Chinatsu Chieko Ultimate Translator Deceased Japanese Killed by Hiroito Fuyuki

(2nd victim, 3rd death overall)

Killing Order

Order Victim Chapter Fate
1st Amata Ryotaro Chapter 1

(Act 1)

Attracted to the garbage room and died by blunt force trauma to the head when attacked with a guitar by Daichi Yoshinori.
2nd Daichi Yoshinori Chapter 1

(Act 2)

Died by having his head smashed by metal guitars and bricks thrown by the crowd, after being voted as the culprit for Amata's murder.
3rd Chinatsu Chieko Chapter 2

(Act 1)

Choked to death with a wire and thrown on the pool, being electrocuted by a lamp, after searching for a bikini for the pool party.
4th Hiroito Fuyuki Chapter 2

(Act 2)

After beign correctly voted as Chinatsu's killer, had a soccer ball with metal spikes kicked through his chest in incridible high speed. Died instantly.
5th Mieto Izanagi Chapter 3

(Act 1)

Killed with a surprise cut on the throat while he was training in the dance room, by Madoka Kotori.
6th Raiden Shiori Chapter 3

(Act 1)

Killed with a knife stab to the chest after seeing Mieto's death and trying to save him.
7th Madoka Kotori Chapter 3

(Act 2)

Correctly appointed as Mieto's and Raiden's murderer, she was crushed to death by a giant journal printer.
8th Akio Tsumeo Chapter 4

(Act 1)

In order to save his friends from the fate Monokuma was preparing, to which the time was ending, he asked Kimiko to kill him. Died by eating a poisoned cupcake.
9th Kimiko Shizuka Chapter 4

(Act 2)

After being chosen by the others as Akio's murderer, and correctly, she was "erased from existence" by a giant eraser.
10th Izumi Sayuri Chapter 5

(Act 1)

To save her friends from beign stuck forever in the headmaster's room, she commited suicide by stabbing her own chest with a knife.
11th Shigeru Satoru Chapter 6

(Act 2)

Beign revealed as the mastermind, he challenged Kenji, his son, to a videogame duel. After losing, he executed himself on a guillotine.

Result and Aftermath

  • Kenji and the other five survivors escaped New Hope Academy and found the world destroyed, due to the Tragedy. They left to search for their families
  • The Ultimate Despair had lost Junko Enoshima, and then lost Shigeru Satoru, her self-proclaimed sucessor, in just a few days.


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