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Global Killing Game
Full name Global Killing Game
Occured in a Future Foundation outpost established by Akio Matsumoto
Participants Hope's Peak Academy International's Class 1I,
Chiyoko Takenaka,
Akio Matsumoto
Host Monokuma
Appearance Danganronpa GL0BAL

The Global Killing Game is a killing game featured in Danganronpa GL0BAL that takes place concurrently with the Killing School Life. Unlike the aforementioned Killing School Life and the later Killing Field Trip, the Global Killing Game is similar to The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy, in that rather than having a Class Trial following each murder, all participants can kill (or be killed) until the game's end with no punishment. The game is hosted by Monokuma, though he never appears in person.

All but two participants of the Global Killing Game were given an e-Handbook following the first death and the start of the game. These e-Handbooks, unlike those held by Hope's Peak Academy students, instead show a broadcast that focuses on one participant of the Killing School Life; which Monokuma described as their "sponsor".

The Global Killing Game's participants are the thirteen students originally scouted to study at the international branch of Hope's Peak Academy, as well as a Future Foundation employee, and a survivor of the Tragedy who was saved by said employee. As the thirteen students and the Future Foundation employee had been living together for an unknown amount of time prior to the beginning of GL0BAL, the killing game is unique in that all participants inherently trust each other, and as such have no obvious motive for murder besides Monokuma's warning that someone among them is a member of Ultimate Despair.


Name Title End Status Sponsor
Monokuma Headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy
Host of the Global Killing Game
Unknown None
Akio Matsumoto Member of the 3rd Division of the Future Foundation Unknown Unknown
Abel Moreau Ultimate Poet Unknown Leon Kuwata
Adam Al-Saab Ultimate Attorney Unknown Mukuro Ikusaba (implied)
Chiyoko Takenaka Unknown Kyoko Kirigiri
Frediano Bove Ultimate Cartographer Unknown Unknown
Gilda Bove Ultimate Hiker Unknown Unknown
Guiying Bai Ultimate Florist Deceased Sayaka Maizono
Jeremy Anson Ultimate Rancher Unknown Yasuhiro Hagakure
Kaui Kawai Ultimate Model Unknown Unknown
Maartje de Vries Ultimate Architect Unknown Unknown
Mirek Kaczka Ultimate Linguist Unknown Unknown
Nise Ultimate Actor Unknown Unknown
Roxie Barnes Ultimate Stylist Unknown Unknown
Gabriel Porter Ultimate Magician Unknown Unknown
Ulrich Tolbert Ultimate Gourmand Deceased None


# Name Cause of death
1 Ulrich Tolbert Discovered in the cafeteria in a pool of his own blood. Cause of death and killer unknown.
2 Guiying Bai Died in an explosion after attempting to murder Chiyoko Takenaka. Explosion was triggered by the death of her sponsor.
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