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  • I live in ishimaru's pocket
  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is being tired
  • I am a mishima phanboy

L.Dre - Dear Katara

Rikuya User Page

hello there! welcome to my user page. my name is rikuya, you can call me riku for short. i am an administrator of this wiki alongside bubble and Jake. if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message in my wall. also don't forget to read our guidelines before editing!

we have a small community, mostly we chat through our discord channel. feel free to join and happy editing <3

about my work

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i am currently working on my fangan, Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Insignia, though i have to say, i am not very productive so far with my work for so many reasons. but no worries! i am and will always be passionate about this project! especially after i commissioned my ocs splash art from my dearest artist friend rafhi ✨ sooo for those who have been waiting for me to release the story, thank you so much for your patience and stay tune xD <3

if you are interested in my work, simply click this browse link!

my sandboxes:
Standardized Original Character PageStandardized Story PageStandardzied Merging PageCharacter Tables

icon credits @ drkinns on tumblr

about me
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he/him • infj-t
a blunt and honest cancerian who likes to read and write; but that doesn't make me the most productive person ever lol, i'm actually quite the opposite skafaslka uhhh chile anyways.

i'm a pretty chill person but i can be really strict with our rules—but don't get me wrong, i'll always be there for you who need our help! as i said, feel free to message me anytime if you have questions <3

about danganronpa

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i joined the fandom after i watched dr1 anime back in 2013 and stayed until today pretty much. what a wild ride. my major contribution for the fandom is probably managing the wiki alongside my talented staff team! love them lots.

i have soooo many favorite characters lol, but out of everyone, i love kiyotaka ishimaru, hiyoko saionji and ryouma hoshi the most. they are babey to me ugh i just want to give them a hug. i adore mahiru koizumi, maki harukawa, touko fukawa and korekiyo shinguuji as well <3

other than danganronpa, i'm in persona 3/4/5, identity v, atla, tlok, nanatsu no taizai, and life is strange fandom. i'm also a big fan of studio ghibli and materwelonz

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