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Welcome to Three Wishes Bar, Our Dear Visitor
Characters Oomi Mika
Alexander Weiss
Roleplayer Rikuya
Status Cancelled

Welcome to Three Wishes Bar, Our Dear Visitor is a roleplay between Rikuya and ~Astrena using their respective characters Oomi Mika and Alexander Weiss.


It was sunday morning when the Super High School Level Barmaid of Heavenly Born Academy opened her renown bar, the Three Wishes Bar. Thankfully, today she doesn't have any class in the academy, so she takes her time to open her bar unlike the usual day.

"I thank everyone who volunteered themselves to work during the weekend! It's must be painful to leave your family, friends, and lovers to go to work, yes?" It's not unusual for Ōmi to attend the routine morning meeting and give a little speech to her skillful subordinates. She loves to give them motivational speech to boost up their morale.

"No, Miss. We are happy to work here, even if it is weekend!" An eighteen years old girl answered happily. "Yeah! In fact, our family and closed friends support us because they loved this bar from the bottom from their heart." A gentle twenty three years old looking man answered it with a smile. "...Besides, today is our shift so... yeah." The last answer is come from one of the youngest worker, making all of the staff laughed, including Ōmi.

"I understand, I really do. Okay guys! Time to work and please our dear visitors! With this..." Ōmi takes her weird stance by pulling her hands together and then punch her fists to the sky. "Three Wishes Bar is open!!!!"

That day looked to be like a classical Sunday: the sun darted high in the sky, casting its bright rays on the asphalt.

The streets were almost empty, but here and there were animated by the voices of small groups of people, strictly with sunglasses and hats. Alexander was walking with slow step: he liked that enviroment, so peaceful and serene. Apart the twittering and the voices of some indistinct animates the neighborhood was immersed in a religious silence. At times, he trought to be able to hear the voice of nature; the wind whispering through the branches of trees, the flapping of the wings of birds in distance. Maybe, Margie Greenfield had a point with her strange fantasies about Mother Nature. Maybe.

Distracted as he was, he didn't noticed the large group that had crowded outside the entrance of a building. He looked up, shielding his eyes with one hand to protect them fromt the rays of the sun: on the sign there was "Three Wishes Bar". He had already heard that name? It sounded familiar. He tried to dig his memory: the bar seemd to be run by a young girl with an extraordinary talent for creating drinks. "A triumph of taste and innovation", he had read somewhere.

Well, try not cost anything, instill he trought to himself. He leaned up against the wall of the building, waiting for its opening.

One of Ōmi's hobby is to help the opening preparation. You know, like when you're absorbed into things that you like you'll start to forget your pain, tiredness, sadness, and every negative emotions that you had. That's how Ōmi do things in her bar, everything that she do in the bar never make her being happier.

"Minna! Issho ni ganbarou yo!!" Everyone, do your best together!, that's what she said in a cheerful tone. Just hearing that words could boost her subordinates, or she prefer as her "best workers and lovely friends" morale's. "Yes ma'am! We're at your service!"

Ōmi while observing and helping her workers, could see a young man in a fine dress leaning to her bar's wall, looking at all of them. Curious, Ōmi sneakily went from the backdoor and delivered a surprise attack to him, with a cheerful smile.

"Hello, what can I do for you?"

« What is your speciality? » The albino begin, anticipating her, before the girl could speak. Before him, a pretty girl was smiling radiantly; her pink hair crowned a face with an energetic and cheerful facial expression. Alexander trough that she had to be her, the famous rising star who was able to make wonders behind the counter with only a glass and few mixtures.

« Oomi Mika, right? » he asked with a strange and mysterious accent, pulling his back from the wall. « Your talent is somewhat know, right? » he added, indicating with a nod the crowd behind him.

Hmm... Is he a foreigner? Judging from his physical appearance and weird accent that she never heard before. Maybe he couldn't speak Japanese well? She guess that she needs to speak in English. "Good day sir, what can I do for you?" Ōmi repeated the same question, but with different language. Ōmi knows the fact that her bar is included in World's Top 10 Bar and her name as the owner is also as famous as her bar is, so she tried to be polite by not answering the question.


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